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OneCard Credit Card Program

OneCard is a University issued credit card assigned to an individual employee to charge goods and services, including travel related purchases, using University funds. The card may be used only by the assigned cardholder who may make purchases for other employees in the department. The University is responsible for payment of all OneCard transactions.

University policy requires that all purchases for goods and services be made through Western’s Marketplace.

The OneCard is to be used only when goods and services are not available via the Marketplace and in compliance with STN-U5348.01B Controlled and Prohibited Purchases


It is the responsibility of each of these individual assigned to a specific role to read and understand all related policies, procedures, and standards.


The cardholder must be a permanent University employee. Exceptions may be made for temporary employees by the appropriate Vice President under certain circumstances. The role and responsibility of the cardholder is listed in the Issuing and Using University Credit Cards policy (POL-U5351.02).

Card Transaction Approver

A card transaction Approver must be assigned to each cardholder. The Approver must be a permanent University employee with delegated purchasing authority via a Budget Authority Authorization Form. The role and responsibility of the Approver is listed in the Issuing and Using University Credit Cards policy (POL-U5351.02). Approvers may only approve transactions within their authorized dollar limit.

Card Transaction Reviewer

A transaction Reviewer may be assigned, in addition to an Approver, to assist with reconciling the cardholder’s transactions before they are approved by the Approver. This role is optional since the Approver may perform the reconciliation duties as well. An application still needs to be completed to grant an individual access to to review the transactions.

Financial Manager

The Financial Manager must approve all applications for cardholders, approvers, and reviewers and provide oversight of the card activity. The role and responsibility of the Financial Manager is listed in the Issuing and Using University Credit Cards policy (POL-U5351.02).

Application Process

  • Read: the Issuing and Using University Credit Cards policy (POL-U5351.02)
  • Take: the required OneCard online training and quiz (for first time cardholders and first time approvers only).
  • Route: the OneCard Application e-sign form.
  • Wait: for a card activation email from the University Card Administrator

Card Activation

Approved card holders will receive an email from WWU Card Services with card activation instructions. New cards are shipped to the cardholder’s office address listed on the card application and should be received within 5-7 days from the date of the activation email.


(POL-U5351.02)        Policy: Issuing and Using University Credit Cards policy

(POL-U5351.02)        Policy: Purchasing Goods and Services

STN-U5348.01A      Standards: Ethical Purchasing

STN-U5348.04A      Standards: Securing University Credit Cards and Accounts

STN-U5348.01C      Standards: Purchasing Goods and Services and Accounts

STN-U5348.04B      Standards: Deactivating or Canceling a University Credit Card

Purchase Dollar limit

Regardless of an approver’s budget authority dollar limit, all credit card transactions that equal or exceed $3,000 will be stopped and reviewed to ensure compliance with contract/bidding requirements.

To receive approval for card transactions that equal or exceed $3,000; the Cardholder must submit an email request to the Card Administrator and Approver with the:

  • Justification for the need of the transaction,
  • Merchant name, and
  • Transaction amount.

PaymentNet System

PaymentNet System

Payment News and Tips

PaymentNet Training

Reporting a Lost or Stolen Card

If a card is lost or stolen, notify:

Fraudulent Charges

If fraudulent charges are identified, contact the bank immediately (see contact below) to have the account credited and verify other pending transactions. The card will be canceled and a new one issued. Ensure the card Approver and the Financial Manager are notified and documentation is maintained.

Disputing a Transaction

  • Begin your dispute as soon as possible.
  • If you are billed for an item not purchased or if the dollar amount is incorrect, first contact the vendor to try and resolve the problem.
  • If the vendor will not resolve the dispute, you can “Dispute” the transaction on PaymentNet.
  • When the Dispute process is initiated in PaymentNet, the bank contacts the merchant to resolve the error.
  • Keep careful notes.
  • If it cannot be resolved, contact the University Card Administrator to determine the best course of action.

University Contact Information

University Card Administrator

Chief Procurement Officer

University Ethics Officer

Bank Card Customer Service

Website: JP Morgan/Chase Payments
Phone Number: 1.800.270.7760