Business Services

Contracts Management System (CMM)

Production Environment

The CMM System is live! You can use one of the following links to reach the CMM system:

  • Contract Management (Production)
    • You must sign in using your (example bantons@wwu) and universal system password.
  • Under My Available Apps you may select the app, “CMM Contracts Module.” 
  • There is a link on My Western under the Employee Tab, Technology Tools.

Additional Notes for Logging in

Users must be granted permission to access the application. An eSign form is available.

  • Using the system requires that your pop-up blockers are off or the ESM Contracts Module site has been made a trusted site.

Training is available under the Learning Library from the PageUp Learning Module. Select Business and Financial Systems under Type and classes are listed under Submitting Contracts Online.  There is also a short ½ hour class for Approving Contracts Online in CMM. Emails generated by the system will display Emails for Approvers will have two links, one for Approve and one for review.  These are not Spam. Questions about using the system should be directed to Contract Administration x3340 or

Reference Materials

Submit a Contract
Review or Approving a Contract
Creating and Editing a View
Quick Searches Advanced Searches University Policies regarding Contracts
Standards for Executing an Agreement as a Formal Contract STN-U5348.01A
CMM User eSign Form
Contract Owner Delegation eSign Form

Manual Login

If myWestern is not available there is a back-up Manual login. The screen below will appear.  The user name is your ( and the password is your Western System password.  If you receive an error message “The login/password combination is not valid.  Authentication failed, close the error box”   you will then need to  enter your user again and select Forgot your password.  When prompted you may then reset your ESM Contracts Module password.  Changing your ESM contract module  password DOES NOT change your Western system password.

Test/Training Environment

Test Environment Same Sign-On

Test Environment Manual Sign-In