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Managing your PCard Purchases

If you have any questions, contact Becky.Kellow@wwu.eduBecky Kellow, PCard Administrator x3270



Effective February 1st, Accounting Services will now be conducting Pcard onsite reviews. The Accounting Services “Reviewer” will identify at random transactions for review each month. Card Services will coordinate and assist the Reviewer in scheduling and notifying both Cardholders and Approvers on the details of the specific transactions to be reviewed no less than 4 days prior to the scheduled date. The first schedule reviews will begin in February, for transactions that occurred in January and carry on monthly thereafter (reviews will be for transactions made the previous month)

Onsite review will consist of:

  • Proper documentation
  • Inappropriate use
  • Misuse
  • Personal use
  • Proper file management

The Card Administrator will conduct all follow-up activities resulted from the onsite review. Business Services will continue to monitor the Pcard program and conduct online reviews of all transactions. Please contact Business Services and the P-card Coordinator with any questions regarding this action or any other program concerns.

PaymentNet Enhancements Release - March 2018

PaymentNet will be introducing a new Reporting module that allows users to customize the contents and layout of reports and manage the reports they have created. This module will be made available to clients in a phased rollout during the month of March. More information will be provided as we get closer to the rollout.

New Quick Reference Cards will be available on the PaymentNet Resources in page for cardholders. The Reporting interface has been redesigned, but your standard and custom reports will still be available. A redesigned Report List screen, shown in Figure 1, will provide a summary information and can be expanded to show a description of the report, list of the included fields, the output format, and the name of the report owner.
Report List Screen

PaymentNet Enhancements Release - May 2017

  • Card Delivery Tracking - Users will now be able to get tracking information in PaymentNet when they request a new or replacement card.

  • Transaction Notes - On the Transaction Detail - General Information screen, users will now be able to edit existing transaction notes as well as add new notes.

  • Receipt Imaging Bulk Export - With this release, clients will have the option to receive daily transmission of a file containing all the receipt images that were uploaded the previous day.

  • New: Stalled Transactions – This system query will be modified to display a list of the transactions that have become stalled in the approval process in the preceding 60 days rather than 35 days. The query, which is available on the Transaction List screen, will be renamed Stalled Transactions – last 60 days to indicate the new date range and will show on the PA Dashboard under the Transaction Summary tab.