Business Services

Copier Support

Following WWU policies and state regulations, Copier Support coordinates a centralized copier/printer program providing purchasing, service, installation, training, customer assistance and billing for all Western Washington University copier/printers.

Digital copiers function as multi-function machines by adding fax boards, print boards, scan to e-mail functions and networking the machines. Please contact Copier Support at x7969 for additional information on expanding the capabilities of copier/printers.

For immediate assistance with any department copier/printer, please call x7969 or e-mail

Copier Options

Three copier options are available to WWU departments, for both on-campus and off-campus offices:

  1. Shared Use Copiers
  2. High Volume Department Copiers
  3. Low Volume Department Copiers

See our Services page for more information on these copier options.