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Western does not reimburse travelers in foreign currencies. Expenses in foreign currency must be converted and entered in TEM as U.S. dollars. Items purchased with foreign funds require currency conversion.

Obtain actual exchange amount from:

  • receipts
  • credit card statement (Note: foreign transaction fee is a separate miscellaneous expense). Statement must show traveler's name and dates. Please remove all but the last 4 digits of the account number.
  • For most currency conversions TEM Conversion will be the easiest. If you will be traveling to a country that does not have a currency listed, please contact and we will add it.
  • If currency is not loaded in TEM, or you are converting currency for non-employees, please use Oanda. Enter the date after the date of purchase. (The exchange rate is not calculated until the bell rings the next day at the trade center so in order in order to get the rate you need please enter in the day after).

Contact Travel Services, 650-6640 if you have a questions.