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Before Employee Travel

Western's Travel Services department advises faculty and staff of Western Washington University how to travel within the confines of Federal, State and University guidelines.

All Travel for employees is processed in TEM (Travel Expense Management).

IMPORTANT! Before an employee travels for the first time, they must agree to the terms of travel and set up routing for the system by completing a Traveler Profile Form. Please sign up as a traveler with Travel Services.

Travelers may complete Sections I and II and send it to an administrator for the remaining sections. Profile forms should route through the employee’s supervisor before being submitted to Travel Services.

If you have recently moved to a new department or need to update your supervisory approver or delegate list, please complete a TEM Delegate and Supervisory Approver Maintenance Form.

Employees must be authorized to travel before making financial commitments. Please review the Travel Authorization page.

Please contact or 360-650-6640 with questions or concerns.

Be sure to check out additonal Before You Travel pages on the side menu!

Important Travel Terms

  • TEM – TEM stands for Travel & Expense Management, which is the name of the Banner module the system utilizes.
  • Traveler – The Traveler is the person who is actually traveling. They may request authorization to travel, and they may request for reimbursement of travel-related expenses. This person may be a Western faculty or staff member, they may be a student or student employee, or a Western guest (interviewee, Athletics recruit, honorary doctorate recipient, etc.).
  • Delegate – A Delegate is someone who has been setup to help a given Traveler with data entry within the TEM system. Once paired with a Traveler, a Delegate can create and fill out documents (Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports) on behalf of that Traveler. The traveler must still review their expenses and submit them, accepting full responsibility for the document.
  • TA – The abbreviation for a Travel Authorization, which is used to seek approval to travel before the trip occurs. This occurs in TEM for employees and student employees.
  • TE - The abbreviation for the Travel E-Sign Form. This is an official Travel Authorization form used for non-employee travel.
  • TR – The abbreviation for Travel Reimbursement, a document used to seek reimbursement for travel-related expenses. Showing in TEM under the Expense Report tab, a TR is used by employees and student employees only.
  • TV – The abbreviation for a Travel Advance, which is a reimbursement of estimated expenses prior to the trip for employees and student employees. The amount an employee is eligible for depends on the type of travel and anticipated expenses.