Business Services

Travel Arrangements (Transportation)

Please remember that before you make any financial commitments for your travel, employees must FIRST have an approved Travel Authorization in TEM.

Non-Employees must be pre-approved as well. Please see (Link Non-Employee Travel).

Travelers are required to choose the most economical and advantageous method of travel for the state. Sustainable transportation methods should be given priority. Exceptions may be granted for health and safety reasons. Please contact Travel Services for more information.

Can I use personal air miles for my airfare and receive reimbursement?

WWU will reimburse you for actual dollars spent on your airfare. If you use air miles you may not be reimbursed for them.

What expenses can be reimbursed before travel?

You may be reimbursed before your travel for:

  • Registration expenses
  • Airfare expenses that have been purchased on a WWU Corporate Travel Visa

Receipts must reflect payment and airfare must also show intinerary.

What if I purchase supplies for my trip before I leave?

If purchased more than a day in advance, supplies must be reimbursed via a Services/Reimbursement form. Otherwise, they may be added to your Travel Reimbursement (TR.)