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A delegate is someone who can enter data on a traveler’s behalf. The traveler is still responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the travel documents.

A delegate workshop may be scheduled based on demand! Please contact

To become a delegate for another person:

  1. A delegate must first agree to the terms of travel to access TEM using the Traveler Profile Form.  A brand new employee can request to become a delegate for travelers under Section V.  New travelers can also request delegates under Section IV of the same form.
  2. The Traveler can request a delegate on the Profile tab of TEM:
  3. An existing employee can add travelers to their delegate list on a TEM Delegate and Supervisory Approver Maintenance Form

Please Keep in Mind - Travelers or their delegates can perform data-entry, but only travelers can submit the document for approval.

Contact Travel Services, 360-650-6640 if your document is delayed or has an immediate need to push through approvals.