Wilson Library

Wilson Library, a brick building with a terra cotta roof and arched windows

Building Code: WL

Building Type: Campus Services, Library

See also Haggard Hall (connected via a sky bridge on the second level).


  • Accessible entrances via Haggard Hall sky bridge (or on the southeast corner)
  • Accessibility notes:
    • Accessible rest rooms on first floor (or in Haggard Hall)
    • Wheelchair access via Haggard Hall Library entrances then cross sky bridge
    • Southwest elevator (near Media/Circulation desk) gives access to floors 2-6
    • East and west elevators give access to floors 1-5

Gender Neutral Restrooms

WL 165A (within DAC); 182 (open all hours); 668 & 669 (Mon - Fri 8 am - 4 pm)

Computer Labs