Career Services Center Annual Report


Note from the Director

Effie Eisses

Effie Eisses
Director, Career Services Center

The WWU Career Services Center has had, like all other career centers in our nation, an extraordinary year marked mostly by the huge economic and social impact created by the worldwide pandemic. The need to change our services to a remote modality and engage students in a strictly online environment has forced us to adopt new practices to meet the new workplace and student demands.  In addition, the Black Lives Matter movement  has also impacted our office, as we have had to truthfully acknowledge our own systemic racism and grapple with how we can implement practices (beyond just a statement denouncing racism on our website) that result in meaningful changes. Our office has begun engaging in discussions among our team, with our external advisory board and with partners both on and off campus. We have been listening, learning, and educating ourselves on how to continue our work to address issues of racism, inequities, and bias.  This work includes identifying and partnering with employers who are committed to addressing inequity in the workplace, and offering positive environments, for Black students. We know that we must develop tangible plans to support all marginalized communities.

Preparing an annual report also provides the Career Services Center with an opportunity to publicly articulate goals and collect, assess and report important empirical data. Within these pages you will find summaries of data that we measure.  What the data does not show are the many processes that were established, and achievements realized during this last year.  Examples include:

  • The establishment of a Career Services Internal Advisory Committee comprised of faculty representatives from Academic Units, a student, and relevant staff
  • A reinvigorated Career Services External Advisory board with an Employer Co-Chair (Jon Jenks Bauer, Director of Recruiting at BECU) with new employer representatives from both local and regional organizations
  • Team meetings to establish a common vision, mission, and department goals
  • The development and launching of a Career Closet with free professional attire for our students and alumni
  • A new detailed Canvas site that provides for standardized training of student employees
  • Quarterly outreach campaigns to our students and faculty
  • Establishment of drop-in advising
  • A successful Give Day campaign that provided the funds to hire an MBA Graduate Assistant
  • A highly successful Open House that was attended by students, faculty and administrators
  • A successful transition of all services to a remote environment, including the addition of a webinar series
  • The introduction of a professional networking platform, called WE Connect – thanks to our Alumni Association
  • A summertime telephone campaign to our recent graduates
  • Establishment of a Career Services Canvas page for all seniors

 One thing that has remained constant throughout this turbulent year is our commitment to students, alumni, employers and colleagues. We continue to, and always will be, eager to help our stakeholders meet their goals.  We look forward to assisting students and alumni with career exploration, internship/job searching, and the post – graduation pathway. Employers, we are very excited to help you recruit our world-class students and alumni. And to our esteemed faculty and colleagues we look forward to working closely with you to advance our student development at Western and beyond.  


The Career Services Center empowers our community to explore, to connect, and to create their future.


A world where everyone is empowered to achieve their career goals and live their best life.

Services and Resources

The Career Services Center serves students and alumni, helping connect academic interests and strengths with careers. Students can make an appointment to discuss career exploration and assessments, developing job or internship search strategies, preparing application materials or practicing interviewing skills.

Career Services Center Resources

Optimal Resume

This tool helps students build and edit resumes and portfolios with templates that are specific to their major.

Viking CareerLink

Students and alumni access job and internship postings through this online database. Employers and postings are approved individually and the database consists of thousands of local, regional and national organizations and opportunities. Students can setup job alerts, do research, apply for openings and be invited for on-campus interviews.

Career Assessments

The CSC offers multiple career assessments to help students identify strengths and interests. Students meet with a career counselor to interpret results and use them to develop career goals.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews (including optional video recording) are provided to allow students to practice interview skills, obtain practical feedback and gain confidence. Rooms are also available for students who may be invited for phone or video interviews.

Appointments by Reason


General Job Search Strategies: 41%

PreHealth Advising: 25%

Practice Interviews: 10%

Choosing a Major: 7%

Graduate School: 5%

Career Change/Career Exploration: 4%

Internships: 4%

Assessments: 2%

Other: 2%


100% of students who visited the Career Services Center said they would recommend our services to other students

969 Unique students served
242 Unique alumni served
1,597 Counseling appointments
1,187 Hours of counseling

Students by Class Year

Pie chart of Students by Class Year
  • 20% Alumni
  • 5% First-year
  • 3% Graduate
  • 21% Junior
  • 2% Post Bac
  • 13% Sophomore
  • 36% Senior
Jadin Paulsrud, who has cropped blond hair and a goatee, wearing sunglasses on his head and a suit with pink tie and rose attached to the lapel


I attended a career fair during my junior year and while I had applied for jobs elsewhere, the people at the KeyBank booth were really approachable. I talked to them about their internship program, got an interview the next day and was hired into their internship program last summer. I was able to work as a teller throughout my last year of school and started a new role as a Personal Banker when I graduated in June. The career fair connected me with KeyBank and gave me the opportunity to build into the position I am in currently.

Jadin Paulsrud
International Business Major, June 2020 Graduate

Employer Relations & Hiring

Employer Relations works with organizations from small, local non-profits to the largest employers in the country to connect them with Western students and graduates.

The Career Services Center hosts events each quarter to help students connect with employers and organizations to build their network, learn about careers and find internships and jobs. The Career Services Center hosted or collaborated on several large fairs during the academic year as well as panels, networking activities, employer tabling and talks or presentations. Two graduate and professional fairs were held for students interested in furthering their education through graduate studies. Spring quarter, three new virtual events were added to connect employers and students remotely.


866 Internship Postings
1414 Job Postings
365 organizations participated in fairs
155 recruiters participated in spring virtual events
3096 students, alumni, and community members attended fairs
580 new accounts created representing
299 unique organizations
Viking CareerLink
Jobs and internships are posted by organizations in our free Viking CareerLink database and vetted individually to ensure they meet our recruiting guidelines and are a good fit for Western students.
Booths at a career fair

Career fairs bring hundreds of students together with organizations hiring for internships and jobs each quarter.

Anna Tognazzini with straight, chin length brown hair wearing a bright blue blazer over a lacey white shirt

Graduate & Pre-Healthcare Advising

Anna Tognazzini
Assistant Director, Health Profession and Graduate School Advising

Our Pre-Healthcare and Graduate School Advisors help students understand how to become competitive applicants in their chosen field.  Our team works with students from any major pursuing medical and dental school, as well as law school and other post-baccalaureate educational opportunities. Whether students are preparing for a career in an academic environment or for a field that requires a specific professional degree, our office provides individual academic advising, info sessions, mock interviews, and support all the way through preparing for the final application process.   
The annual Health and Graduate School Fair brought 47 programs representing a wide variety of graduate opportunities to campus, while our Law School Info Fair hosted 22 law schools from 11 states.


100% success rate for Pharmacy School applicants (compared to the national average of 65%)
75% success rate for Dental School applicants
54% success rate for Osteopathic Medical School applicants
49% success rate for Physician Assistant Program applicants (compared to the national average of 30%)
36% success rate for Medical School applicants (compared to the national average of 38%)
388 appointments
318 unique students served
93 students served at drop-in advising

Pre-med advising has been an invaluable resource to me this year. The internet always seems to be filled with conflicting advice, so having a knowledgeable and friendly guide has helped immensely! Also, Anna has been so helpful with giving me advice on writing my personal statement and experiences for my medical school application - because of the career center, I think I’ll be a much better applicant!

Maria Jones
Alumni, Psychology Major

Western Health Professions Advising has been instrumental in my application process for Physician Assistant programs —giving me pertinent information, effective strategies, and constructive feedback.  I would recommend that every Western student take advantage of this support system.

Kane French
Post-Baccalaureate Student

Campus Presentations and Workshops

The CSC provides workshops and presentations to classes, student clubs, departments and off-campus sites to increase access and visibility to students.

In addition to providing in-person career workshops, the CSC utilizes video technology to facilitate outreach for multiple off-campus programs and classes. Further webinar opportunities were created in spring quarter to accommodate remote learning.


86 Presentations and workshops for classes and clubs
1,949 students served


The Career Services Center produces an annual Graduate Outcomes Report to understand what students are doing after completing their degree program at Western. Outcomes data will be updated here shortly.

Who We Are

Career Services Center staff on zoom holding handwritten "thank you" signs

Career Services Center Staff

Effie Eisses, Director
Jenny Spurgin, Assistant Director, Employer Relations & Outreach
Anna Tognazzini, Assistant Director, Health Professions and Graduate School Advising
Mindy Pelton, Assistant Director, MBA Career Services
Sandy Brown, Career Counselor
Julina Pyanoe, Career Counselor
Page Roth, Career Counselor
Diane Flores, Office Coordinator
Britta Eschete, Office Assistant, Recruitment Services

For more information about the Career Services Center, visit the CSC website

Peer Advisors

The Career Services Center employs a team of students trained as Peer Advisors. Peer Advisors greet and assist visitors as well as provide one-on-one appointments to review resumes and cover letters and conduct mock interviews with students. Peer advisors have also organized outreach opportunities for the office and given presentations to clubs and classes about services the Career Services Center offers.

Peer Advisors on Zoom holding handwritten "Thank You" signs

Thank You

A sincere thank you to our staff, and especially Jenny Spurgin, for leading the CSC effort to produce this report.  To University Communications and WebTech, in particular Stephanie Mason, for developing this website. And to Kelley Walker for his dedication and ability to collect, understand and translate data.

Thank you to our employer partners this year

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Silver Partner

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Bronze Partner

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