The 30 Second Elevator Speech

The purpose of the 30 Second Elevator Speech is to give a solid introductory statement that employers will remember:

  • Use concise language to describe your experience/skills and abilities
  • State the position/career field you are seeking
  • Emphasize your individual strengths, and link them to the perceived needs of the employer

There are many ways an elevator speech can be used:

  • A networking event as a brief introduction of who you are and what you're looking for
  • During an interview when asked 'tell me about yourself'
  • In a cover letter describing your experience/skills relating to the position

EXAMPLES of the 30 Second Elevator Speech

Example steps to creating your speech:

1. Describe highlights of experience/internship/coursework that relate to the needs or interests of a networking contact

  • Event planning?
  • Projects?
  • Presentations?
  • Marketing?

2. What skills did you gain?

  • Communication skills?
  • Leadership?
  • Presentation skills?
  • Organization?
  • Problem solving, critical thinking?

3. Describe how these skills relate to:

  • Job title?
  • Career field?
  • Career goals?

Practice, Practice, Practice! In most situations, you will have to give a contact the bottom line very quickly. Developing your presentation of who you are and what you're looking for will take practicing it. Enlist friends and family to listen and give pointers! ONE LAST THING: REMEMBER! The idea is to start conversations and that also means LISTENING. If you need further assistance please call The Career Services Center! 360-650-3240