Examples of the 30 Second Elevator Speech

Dannie Hello, my name is Dannie Schwarz and I am a Western Washington University student. I'm Sociology major and have a minor in Communications. I've been working in the Career Services Center at Western helping students find resources, conducting mock interviews, and reviewing students' resumes. I also coordinate with faculty to execute career fairs and events. My Communication classes have taught me how to work well with others, be detail oriented and enhance my public speaking abilities. In classes for my major I've advanced my critical thinking skills and developed an understanding of people and their needs. I'd like to utilize my attention to detail and ability to work with others, to coordinate and execute events for an organization such as a nonprofit or university.

Sidney My name is Sidney Williams and a recent graduate from Western Washington University with a degree in Communication. I've had the opportunity to be very involved with my university. I was an orientation student advisor for Western where I had the opportunity to work with new students and their families and help them feel more welcome to Western. I also had the opportunity to work in the Career Services Center where I'd help students with resume checks, mock interviews, as well as general information about the center. I believe that my experience at both of these jobs has given me a lot of leadership experience and skills to be an effective leader and I hope that in the future I can continue my work with students and help them realize their potential through my leadership.