Graduate Outcomes Report

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness produces the Graduate Outcomes Report annually, with detailed information on WWU graduates. In the report you’ll find post graduation data on WWU alumni, including:

  • Wages (six months following graduation and over time)
  • Employment by County
  • Employment by Industry
  • Employment by Employer
  • Graduate School Enrollment Rates by Institution

Click here to view the GRADUATE OUTCOMES data

Detailed outcomes rates by department and major are available in the data tables. This information for each graduating cohort is typically available 12-15 months following graduation. The first year of data collection is from the 2009-2010 graduates.

WWU Alumni Internships, Job Titles & Grad School Enrollment

In addition to analyzing graduate outcomes rates, WWU also collects information on internships, job titles, and graduate school enrollment for recent alumni of WWU undergraduate programs. This information can be useful in figuring out where students intern, get jobs, and what post-graduate studies they enroll in.

Click here to view the WELS Survey data

This data is from the Western Educational Longitudinal Surveys (WELS), alumni and undergraduate exit surveys, conducted and compiled quarterly and biennially. The information is self-reported and only contains data from students and graduates who respond to the survey. This is only intended to offer examples of internships, employment and graduate enrollment for students and graduates from various majors. For more information about the survey or for data questions, please visit: