Major and Career Exploration

There are many factors that go into deciding on a major and what you want to do after your time at Western. As you are making these decisions, it’s important to remember that employers hire individuals, not majors. It can be helpful to consider how your major could translate to a career.

The Career Center is here to help! We offer a wide variety of resources to assist you in clarifying your interests and career values, identifying skill sets, and exploring the endless number of opportunities that will be available to you after graduation.


The first step in deciding on a major and future career is to consider what you know about yourself. What are your strengths? Interests? Personal values?

Knowing yourself enables you to choose a major and career path that will likely be a good fit. Consider exploring these areas through some of the career assessments we offer.


Still deciding on a major? The Academic Advising Center’s Choosing a Major webpage is a great starting point. Whether you are completely undecided or choosing between a few options, this site has tips and resources to help guide you.


Your future career options will be shaped by your academic preparation, in combination with your personal attributes and experience gained through campus involvement, internships, volunteer service and work experience. Below are some resources to help you connect your major to a future career.


It’s hard to decide what you might want to do after Western if you don’t know what all your options are! Are you curious what a day in the life of a job looks like or what experience you need to get started in a certain career?

Below are some resources that can help you explore careers.

Blue and red striped star with Occupational Outlook Handbook to the right of it

Occupational Outlook Handbook: Snapshot of key information for a career you are considering, including salary, education level, job growth and how to begin a career.

Blue circle with O*Net Online in blue text to the right of it

O*NET Online: Learn about typical work activities, necessary skills, and more. This job exploration site compiles national career data into occupation-specific information pages.

Blue circle with in blue and green text to the right of it

Candid Career: Learn about careers of interest by listening to people talk about their own careers through short video clips!

Outline of Washington state in green with the words Washington Career Bridge in the center

Washington Career Bridge: Find career information specific to Washington State.

Informational Interviewing: Explore career options by talking to people who are doing the work. You can find professionals to connect with through professors, attending career fairs and events, and using networking platforms like WE Connect and LinkedIn.

Want to talk with someone about your major and/or career exploration? Schedule an appointment with a career counselor!

Considering careers that require/prefer a graduate degree? Connect with one of our graduate school advisors when you are ready to start exploring programs!