Peace Corps

Peace Corps Sample Resumes

Sample Peace Corps Resumes are different!

  • Match the top section of Qualification Highlights with the qualifications for the job(s) you are looking to fill from the volunteer openings on the Peace Corps website

  • Feel free to add relevant educational experience under Education section (ie internships or relevant field work)

  • The various samples here provide examples for several different job sectors and are not a reflection of what is necessary to be accepted into the Peace Corps.

  • Include number of hours for experiences like teaching English (min. 30 hours required unless noted otherwise), Health Education (min. 30 hours required for most assignments unless noted otherwise) or Agriculture (min. 540 hours required unless noted otherwise)

  • There is no length limit. The more descriptive your job duties, the better. Include ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ in your details.

Health Job Sector Sample
Education Job Sector Sample
Environment Job Sector Sample