Questions to Ask Graduate/Professional School Representatives

Introduce yourself. Include your year in school, your academic interests (major), and career interests. When meeting in person, shake hands, make good eye contact, smile, and be personable. Obtain a business card for follow-up interaction.

Here are suggested questions to ask pertaining to:

Candidate Profile

What qualifications do you look for in candidates to this program? Of people recently admitted to your program, what are examples of...

  • GPA ranges
  • Types of majors and career backgrounds
  • Extracurricular and other relevant activities
  • Ranges of ages

Application Procedures

What criteria are used to evaluate and select candidates? Are they weighted equally or differently?
How and when are applications available?
What types of references should I seek (faculty, professionals, other sources)?
When can applications be submitted? What are the advantages to applying early?
Can additional materials be submitted to my file after I have applied?
Is there an interview? How is it structured?
How many applications do you typically receive per application cycle? How many are accepted?
Do people apply more than once? What do you encourage re-applicants to do?

Financial Assistance

What scholarships and/or assistantships are available specific to your program?
What criteria are used for selection?
How and when are these applications available?
How many applications do you receive per year? How many are awarded? Are they renewable?

Career Fields

Do you see any trends in this career field that I might consider?
What specialty areas might I be able to prepare for through your program?
Do these require additional schooling?
How and when are these pursued?

Job Placement

Where have recent graduates of your program gotten employed? How quickly?
Does your school or program offer job placement assistance?
How often do you compile placement information?
What percentage of graduates provides you feedback about their job placement?

Thank them for their time and information