Below you will find typical questions that you should be prepared to address in an interview.

  • Tell me about yourself.
    How would you best describe yourself?

    (What can you do for us and how well would you fit in here?)

  • What interests you about this job?
    (Do you have a realistic idea of what is involved in this job?)

  • What led you to choose your field of study?
    (Are you intellectually curious? Has it prepared you for our position?)

  • What experience do you have in this job?
    (Give relevant related examples showing you can function in this type of job).

  • What strengths would you bring to this job? What would your last supervisor (teacher, etc.) say is a strength of yours?
    (Why should I hire you?)

  • What weaknesses do you need to overcome? What improvement would your last employer say you need to work on?
    (Do you have limited ability to do what is required in this position?)

  • Discuss something you have accomplished which has given you satisfaction.
    (Are you good at any of the things which are important to this job?)

  • Tell us about a time when you had a conflict with someone?
    (What are you conflict resolution skills? Do you employ ethical standards we value?)

  • What do you think makes a person a good supervisor?
    What do you think makes a person a good supervisor?

  • What are your long term goals? What will you be doing in 5 years?
    (If we hire you, are you likely to stay for awhile? What is your loyalty to an organization?)

  • Is there anything else you want us to know about you?
    (What have we not asked about that you think is relevant to how you match our needs for this position?)

  • Do you have any questions for us?
    (This is your last chance to impress us, to make us aware that you have done research and know about our organization and its products and/or services. Remind us how you fit our needs and that you hope we will seriously consider you.)