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SIGI3 is a comprehensive, up-to-date educational and career planning program that helps you pinpoint your career options based on your interests, values, and education. You'll be able to search and create printouts of occupational information that includes critical major and educational requirements. It also features college and graduate school selectors to help you make the best match.

SIGI3 takes the confusion out of career and educational planning by helping you:

  • Clarify your work-related values
  • Research and decide on a major
  • Search and create a list of occupations based on:
    • values, interests, personality, and work skills
    • technical cluster in high school
    • major field of study in college
  • Obtain up-to-date information and printouts on hundreds of occupations
  • Determine education and training requirements for each occupation
  • Put your career plan into action

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