Getting Started On SkillsFirst

  1. From the home page, select ‘Resumes & Cover Letters’ from left sided menu. Click on ‘Resumes’ then ‘SkillsFirst’ link on the webpage.

  2. The SkillsFirst log-in page will appear with a sign in area for established users. Select either “students click here to join” or “alumni click here” link to create an account.

  3. Use your Western Washington University e-mail address to start an account.

  4. Once the account information page appears, enter the e-mail and address that you wish to appear on your resume. (Your e-mail address can be changed at this point to a non-WWU account in order to maintain an account after graduation.) Ensure that the information entered on the welcome page is accurate.

  5. Once this form is completed, you will proceed to the main SkillsFirst page. To begin a resume, select “Create New Resume”. To get started, select either “Edit Sample” or “Start from Scratch.” The first two options have formatting built into them, so are the easiest to begin with.

    Note: If you upload a resume instead, you can use the key words generator on your resume, but you will not be able to edit your resume in SkillsFirst

  6. If you select “Edit Sample,” you will then be prompted to select a resume template. You are choosing the format and style of your resume. The content comes in the next step.

  7. Next you will be prompted to choose a resume sample. This will provide you with sample information that is suitable to specific types of jobs. You can filter options on the left, such as selecting “Early career” and “chronological” under type.

  8. To select a resume sample, click “preview” and then “use this sample.”

  9. After you have selected a resume, edit the information to reflect your own experiences. You can also reorder sections, change the template, or use the AI keyword suggestions tool.

  10. When you have completed your resume, you can download it as either a Word document or a PDF.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Career Services Center with any questions. We can be reached via email at: or by phone at: (360)650-3240.