Typical Types of On-Campus Interviews

To apply to on-campus interviews go to Handshake. Select the Jobs & Interviews tab. Then, under the Show Me filter select All Interviews or Interviews|Qualify For.

Standard Open Interviews

A copy of your resume is required at the time you sign up for an open interview online through Handshake. Bring hard copies of your resume on good bond paper at the time of the interview to represent you well. Note that a separate resume and cover letter is required for every interview.

Preselect Interviews

Employers "select" interviewees based on their review of application materials candidates submit ahead -- usually two weeks prior to a scheduled interview date. Public accounting firms usually prefer this format, but other employers choose this option as well. Employers may request a variety of materials for review, including a resume, cover letter, unofficial transcript, application, etc. Some employers require all of these items; others only want a resume. It will save you time and money to request one copy of your transcript from the Registrar's Office, upload it to your Handshake account and make yourself several good copies to have ready. Bring hard copies of your resume on good bond paper and copies of all other application materials at the time of your interview.

Career Fair Interviews

Many employers choose to conduct on-campus interviews the day after career fairs. These employers may ask you to apply to their company website or email a resume if you had not already applied to their job posting on Handshake. They may even ask you about your availability for an interview the next day. Be prepared! Know which employers are conducting on-campus interviews and ask them for an interview if you are interested in learning more or would like to be considered for a position with their organization.