Introduction to Video Interviewing

Many companies are adopting video interviewing techniques that are either live or pre-recorded. This allows companies to easily view your answers and share them with folks in different geographic locations while minimizing costs and scheduling difficulties. Common virtual interview companies include HireVue, InterviewStream, Spark Hire, and Montage. Standards for general interviewing apply to video interviewing, such as researching the organization, practicing potential questions, and brainstorming questions that you would like to ask the interviewer, but there are some preparation tips that are specific to the video interview format. Below are suggestions so that you can feel confident “on screen.”

Tips for Success

Location: Choose a location that is quiet and uncluttered, where it will be unlikely for you to be interrupted. Notify others not to interrupt you during this time. Consider reserving an interview room in the Career Services Center for the day of your interview.

Lighting: Make sure to position lights around your station or utilize natural light from a window.

Headset: Consider using a headset to minimize sound distractions.

Eye Contact: Place your webcam slightly above eye level and make sure you are looking at the camera and not at the image of yourself on the screen. Looking at the camera gives the sense that you are looking directly at the interviewer.

Silence Devices: Disable notifications on your phone and computer to minimize interruptions.

Tech Set up: Double check that your internet connection, webcam, and microphone are working.

Dress: Wear professional clothing as you would for a standard interview—not just from the waist up! You may need to stand or move for some reason during the interview. The WWU Career Clothing Closet can help provide you with interview specific clothing.

Practice, practice! For pre-recorded interviews, practice your responses within the given time limit (generally 2-3 minutes). Practice talking about your experience and qualifications until it sounds natural and not like you are reading from a script. Consider meeting with a career counselor in the Career Services Center for a practice interview.

Submit Early: If you are pre-recording a digital interview, submit the interview well in advance, as multiple last-minute submissions can slow the site and result in missing the submission deadline.

Follow Up: Thank interviewers for their time by sending a thank you note or email within 24 hours after completing or submitting your interview.

Handling the Unexpected

Technology glitches: If you are participating in a live interview and the internet connection is faulty or another glitch interrupts your interview, call by phone and request to reschedule or continue the interview via phone.

Interruptions: If a roommate or pet enters the room, apologize for the interruption and excuse yourself to. Don’t forget to mute the microphone as you deal with the interruption.