Climate Survey 2021

Western Washington University (WWU) is committed to ensuring that our campus is inclusive, engaging, and supportive to all our community members. To evaluate the extent to which the University’s campus climate supports this goal, we administered the Diversity and Equity Climate Survey in 2021-22.


The nearly 1,000 WWU students, faculty, and staff who responded to the survey said that we have some work to do when it comes to fostering an inclusive environment, building a broader sense of belonging, and making our people feel more valued. Although the results from the survey have informed our understanding of the campus climate, it is necessary for us to broaden our knowledge and understanding of the campus climate and where we are in our ADEI work to ensure that we are intentional about the work ahead. Building off the survey, the Office of Equity will conduct a series of listening sessions this fall to engage the university community in dialogue about our lived experiences. Your voice is critical to fostering a stronger, healthier, more supportive community. So, we hope you will join one of the many upcoming sessions and share your experiences and be a part of changing our community for the better. Follow the link for more information on when and where those listening sessions will happen and how you can take part.

Our collective understanding of our campus climate and the many areas we can build on together will be vital to creating a campus community that is inclusive, engaging and supportive, and where everyone feels like they belong.

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Climate Survey 2021