Research Compliance
Research Compliance

About the Animal Care and Use Committee

What is the Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC)?

The ACUC reviews all research and teaching protocols using live vertibrate animals by any faculty, staff, or student at Western Washington University or at its satellites. The committee reviews the protocols for compliance with federal regulations. The ACUC is administered by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

The ACUC is made up of members with diverse backgrounds including a veterinarian, WWU faculty, WWU staff, and a community member. It includes scientists and non-scientists. The committee conducts reviews of research activities to safeguard the welfare of animal subjects.

Duties of the ACUC

Responsibilities of the ACUC include the following:

  • Review the University’s program for humane care and use of animals every six months.
  • Inspect the University’s animal facilities every six months for compliance with federal guidelines.
  • Make recommendations and prepare reports regarding any aspect of the institution’s animal program and facilities to the Vice Provost for Research and the NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare.
  • Review, approve, or withhold approval of protocols or modifications relating to the care and use of animals for research or teaching.
  • Review the training procedures for university employees charged with the care and use of animals at the University.
  • Recommend to the supervising senior administration immediate suspension of research in the case of inappropriate activity involving animals.
  • Generate and maintain administrative procedures that will facilitate the discharge of these duties.