Submit an Application

Step 1. Check If You Need Animal Care and Use Committe (ACUC) Review

Does your procedure/experiment involve animals?

ACUC reviews research conducted with live, vertibrate animals, whether they are warm or cold-blooded.

This includes rodents, lizards, fish, etc.

Is WWU ACUC the right ACUC?

We are the right ACUC if the research:

  • Is conducted by University faculty, staff, and students
  • Is performed on the premises of the University or its branches

Step 2. Consider Alternatives to Animal Use

Review our Alternatives to Animal Use resources.

Step 3. Review Common Mistakes to Avoid

Review this list of common mistakes on applications to keep your review time as short as possible:

  • Writing "See attached proposal" instead of answering the questions on the application. Please include all information about your protocol in the application, rather than just attaching a grant or other proposal.
  • Not answering all of the questions on the application. As much as we try, the ACUC cannot read your mind. We have to take you on your written word, or lack there of. If you do not answer a question on the application the ACUC has no way of knowing whether you didn't see the question or if it wasn't applicable. For questions that do not apply, type "NA" in the field.

Step 4. Complete an Application

Complete all information and be concise but explicit when providing details. "See attached proposal" is not an acceptable response. It is up to the investigator to provide all information necessary for a complete review. Forms submitted with inadequate or illegible information will be returned.