Research Compliance

Submit an Application

Step 1. Check If You Need Animal Care and Use Committe (ACUC) Review

  • Are you planning on researching or teaching with a vertebrate animal?
  • Are you affiliated with WWU as a faculty, student, or staff?
  • Are you working with the animals at WWU, at a satellite facility, as part of a course, or as part of your research?

If YES to any of the above then you need to fill out an Animal Use Application Form.

When in doubt,contact a research compliance officer.

Step 2. Consider Alternatives to Animal Use

Is it possible to achieve your research goal using computer modeling or some other alternative to animals? If YES, review our Alternatives to Animal Use resources.

If animals are required, consider working with the lowest order of animals possible, i.e. fruit flies instead of mice, if it is possible to get scientifically valid results.

Step 3. Review These Tips for Applications

  • Complete all information and be concise but explicit when providing details. “See attached grant proposal” is not acceptable. The investigator is responsible for providing all the information necessary for a complete review.
  • Specify how many animals you are going to use and use the lowest number possible to achieve scientifically valid results.
  • Use non-scientific language. There are non-scientists and a community member on the community member on the committee and everyone needs to understand what your research is going to accomplish.
  • List all personnel who will be working on the protocol by name, not just by position.
  • Include a flow chart explaining your research methods.
  • Be sure to submit a complete signature page for yourself and your chair.
  • Submit your application prior to April 15th as the ACUC does not meet over the summer.
  • Do not acquire animals or start research before the protocol is approved.

Step 4. Complete an Application

Visit our Forms page to download the Animal Use Application Form. Carefully review the instructions before beginning.

When complete, email the application to