Research Compliance

Open Applications

This information is for applications that have already been approved by the Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC).

Protocols are approved for a three-year period. Reports should be made to the Research Compliance Officer at the end of the year to confirm that research is continuing on the protocol and that no modifications are requested. The report must also include how many animals were used and how many animals will be used in the next year in order to confirm that the numbers are consistent with the approved protocol.

Please let the Research Compliance Office know when your research is complete so that we can close your protocol file.

Requesting Modifications

Reporting Issues (e.g. adverse events, misuse or mistreatment of animals, noncompliance)

Extending Your Project

Requesting Modifications

All modifications require ACUC approval. This includes any changes to your:

  • Species of animal
  • Number of animals to be used
  • PI or research personnel
  • Research methods
  • Anesthesia or analgesics
  • Euthanasia method
  • Procedures

Major Modifications require the same review process as an initial submission going to the full ACUC for review. The PI should expect a four to six-week review time for approval. Modifications cannot be approved over the summer.

Minor Modifications can be approved by the Research Compliance Officer without going to the ACUC for approval. This includes modifications such as:

  • Grammar
  • Contact information
  • Administrative Clarifications

Please submit a Renewal Form, selecting the option "To be renewed with attached changes."

Reporting Issues (e.g. adverse events, misuse or mistreatment of animals, non-compliance)

Our office is here to help guide you through adverse events or any breach in the responsible conduct of research obligations.

Please report any adverse events or issues that arise in your research and soon as possible, so that we can help you navigate the situation. As a reporter, you may request to be anonymous.

This includes issues such as:

  • Unexpected animal mortality
  • An animal injury occuring as result of research or teaching
  • A protocol deviation
  • Any non-compliance issues

Please call 360-650-3082 OR send an email to as soon as possible after the event occured or was discovered with the following information.

  • The subject line: Animal Subject Problem Report (protocol number if possible)
  • The Investigator's name
  • A description of the adverse event or misconduct

The event will be investigated promptly.

Renewing Your Project

Open applications require continuing review each year. A renewal notice will be sent to the researcher 2 months prior to the expiration date. Renewals can be combined with modifications if needed.

An ongoing research project must be rewritten and resubmitted every 3 years.

Please submit a Renewal Form.