Research Compliance

New Research

Review and approval is required prior to starting any research activity with vertebrate animals. This includes any project using animals by Western Washington University (WWU) researchers or students, whether the research is conducted in on-campus labs, satellite facilities, or in the field.

All projects are reviewed to ensure that the research is justified by the benefits and minimizes any animal pain or suffering that might occur.

Getting Started

To obtain approval, complete and submit an Animal Research application.

The Review Process

Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.

The Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC) meets on a quarterly basis or as needed during the school year.

The ACUC does not meet during Summer quarter. If your protocol is submitted after April 15th, it will not be reviewed until the beginning of Fall Quarter.


The turn-around time for an application (from submission to approval) will depend on the complexity and risk level of the project, how complete your application is when received, and the workload of the ACUC.

Open Applications

Oversight of applications continues even after approval. ACUC review is required for any changes, adverse events, or extensions of your project.

Requesting Changes

If you need to request changes to your application, submit a modification Form. See more information on modifications.

Reporting Issues

Please report any adverse events or issues that arise in your research and soon as possible, so that we can help you navigate the situation. Please submit a problem report. See more information on reporting issues.

Extending Your Project

Applications need continuing review every year. Please submit a renewal application 4-6 weeks prior to the annual expiration of your research to allow time for review.

An ongoing project must be rewritten and resubmitted every 3 years.

See more information on continuing reviews.