Research Compliance

Use of Cadavers & Body Parts in Research

Western Washington University (WWU) is committed to the respectful procurement, transportation, and treatment of all cadavers and recognizable human body parts.

About the Institutional Cadaver Research Committee (ICRC)

The ICRC is a committee comprised of five members including three faculty members, the HHD Instructional Technician (IT), and a representative from Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) that reviews and approves research protocols that involve the use of human cadavers/parts.

Approval Process

Following preliminary approval by the overseeing departments, and prior to starting any research activity or acquiring research materials for projects involving human cadavers/parts, faculty investigators must have their project reviewed and approved by the ICRC.

Submit a Cadaver Use Approval E-sign Form for review.

Related Policy

All acquisitions of human cadavers or body parts must comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and university policies as outlined in the POL-2100.02 Addressing the Care and Use of Human Cadavers/Parts in Research and Instruction (PDF)