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Research Compliance

How to Register for CITI Trainings

  1. Go to and click the Register link. CITI program homepage with register and login links.
  2. Type "Western Washington University" into the search box. Note: do not click on Independent Learner Registration Western Washington University filled out in affiliation field, above the independent learner registration below
  3. Agree to the Terms of Service and click "Continue to Create Your CITI Program Username/Password" checkboxes for terms of service agreement and affiliate affirmation checked
  4. Enter your name and email address. Your WWU email address is strongly recommended, but not required. personal info step in form, requiring name, email addresses, and verification fields
  5. Create your username and password. This does not have to be your Western ID. username and password creation fields, with security questions following
  6. Select Your Country of Residence empty textbox for country of residence field
  7. If you are a medical professional, Continuing Education Units are available for purchase. Select "No" if you do not want to pay for CE credits Yes/no field for Continuing Education units, with options for various credits
  8. Enter the information requested by WWU.
    • WWU Researchers: Enter your WWU email address
    • Non-WWU Researchers: You may use any email address
    Users must fill out email address, department, and role in research. Fields like gender, degree, and address are optional.
  9. Select the appropriate trainings for your research and funding.
    • For NIH or NSF funded research: choose the "Responsible Conduct of Research Course" option
    • For research with animals: choose options from the Lab Animal Welfare course.
    • For research with humans, both funded and unfunded: choose from the Human Subjects Research course.
    • Choose the CITI Export Controls Course As needed for research involving transfer of sensitive information, equipment, technology, or software that are considered to be strategically important to the US. Curriculum step in form, with training options 1-3 as listed previously Curriculum step in form, with training option 4 as listed previously
  10. Check the Important Notice checkbox to confirm that if you purchase additional courses, you are responsible for paying for them. This is NOT requiring that you pay for something.
  11. After registration, click on the "Western Washington University" box to show the courses that you selected. Select the course link you have chosen to begin. Alert showing registration was successfully completed under the user's profile Social and Behavioral Research refresher course listed under courses, not started or earned