Campus Buildings with Confirmed Positive Cases Reported

This page provides information regarding which buildings on campus have been identified as having a positive case in them within the past 14 days. This includes student and employee cases.

Information will be added within 24 hours of Western being notified, and remain on the page for 14 days. This page will not be updated on weekends. 

Please note that multiple floors being listed in a building does not necessarily mean multiple positive cases in that building, as one positive individual may go to multiple floors of a building.

Date Positive Case Entered Building Buildings with Positive Cases Identified
1/24/23 BH Floor 3, OM Floor 4,
1/23/23 BH Floor 3, FA Floor 2, MH Floor 1, OM Floor 4, SV, SL Floor 1
1/20/223 AW floor 2, BI Floor 1, 2, OM Floor 4
1/19/23 BI Floor 1, 2, CS Floor 2, HU Floor 1, OM Floor 4, VU Floor 6,
1/18/23 CF Floor 2, 4, CM Floor 1, MH Floor Basement, 2, SV, VU Floor 6
1/17/23 CF Floor 2, 4, SV, VC Floor 6, HH Floor 2, AW Floor 4
1/16/23 SV
1/13/23 BI Floor 2, BH Floor 2, CF Floor 1, CV Floor 1, FR Floor 1, MH Floor 2, OM Floor 3, PH Floor 1, WL Floor 1, 
1/12/23 BH Floor 2, CF Floor 1, MH Floor Basement, 2, VU Floor 6, 
1/11/23 BH Floor 1, 4, CV Floor 1, MH Floor Basement, SV, VU Floor 6,
1/10/23 BH floor 1, CV Floor 1, HU Floor 1, MH Floor Basement, 1, VU Floor 6, WL Floor, HH Floor 1, OM Floor 1, WL Floor 1, 

* Residential buildings will not include specific floor/stack numbers, in order to protect the privacy of the individual who lives in the building, if the positive individual lives in a residence hall. If the positive individual does not live in the residence hall, then a specific floor number will be provided. 

If you are not seeing information from the previous day, please refresh your browser.

Building Map and Acronyms

You can see where these buildings are on the campus map

AA: Art Annex

AC: Administrative Services

AH: Arntzen Hall 

AI: Academic Instructional Center 

AW: Academic Instructional Center

BH: Bond Hall

BI: Biology

BT: Buchanan Towers

BW: Birnam Wood

CA: Canada House

CB: Chemistry Building/ Morse Hall

CF: Communications Facility

CG: Alma Clark Glass Hall

CH: College Hall 

CM: Commissary 

CS: Campus Services 

CV: Carver

EH: Edens Hall

EN: Edens North

ES: Environmental Studies 

ET: Engineering Technology/ Ross

FA: Fairhaven Academic Building

FI: Fine Arts (Western Gallery) 

FR: Fraser Hall

FX: Fairhaven Complex

HG: Higginson Hall

HH: Haggard Hall Library 

HS: High Street Hall 

HU: Humanities

MA: Mathes Hall

MH: Miller Hall

NA: Nash Hall

OM: Old Main

PA: PAC (Performing Arts Center)

PH: Parks Hall

RA: Ridgeway Alpha

RB: Ridgeway Beta

RD: Ridgeway Delta

RG: Ridgeway Gamma

RK: Ridgeway Kappa

RO: Ridgeway Omega

RS: Ridgeway Sigma

SL: Science Math Technology

SP: Steam Plant

SV: Student Rec Center (Wade King)

WL: Wilson Library

VC: Viking Commons

VU: Viking Union