Dean of Students

dean of students

The Dean of Students Unit supports the Mission of Western Washington University, contributing to intentional student development by providing programs, services, and facilities within an environment that supports the practices of student leadership, civic engagement, creative expression, student well being, student success and development, personal safety, and community building.


Dean Of Students
MS-9106, VU 542

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Office of Student Life
MS-9105, VU 541

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Information 3450

Viking Union Facilities/Student Activities
MS-9106, VU 547

The Dean of Students interfaces and networks with many organizations and people across the WWU campus and the Bellingham community, emphasizing the entirety of the student experience and the resources available to students, faculty and parents. The student experience includes life experiences as well as academic. Student engagement takes place both inside and outside the classroom, transcending to involvement in co-curricular activities, clubs, organizations, internships and campus employment. 

The Dean of Students seeks to understand and convey the student voice as well as the academic/administrative voice, and works to connect those to benefit the students, institution and community.