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For prospective design majors

The design program is going through significant curricular changes. The new program will be a BFA only option starting Fall 2022. The existing BA track is being discontinued. Fifty four students will be admitted to the design program as minors/pre-majors through a portfolio review. As minors/pre-majors, students gain access to all the 200-level courses. Thirty six students will be admitted in the BFA major and will begin the upper division courses in Spring quarter. Those not admitted into the program will be awarded a design minor.

Pre-Major/Design Minor Application

To become a pre-major or design minor, students must submit an application which includes a candidate’s statement and unofficial transcripts, and a portfolio.

The portfolio should consist of 7 specific assignments (see link below), plus 3 projects of your choice. These 3 additional projects can be of any media such as drawings, paintings, photography, graphics, printmaking, etc. They can also consist of documentation of your design process for any of the 7 assignments, demonstrating your conceptual and visual potential in the design field. Please note the portfolio assignments were updated and are slightly different from last year’s. However, both versions will be honored for the 2023 review.

The application deadline is March 31st at noon.

Application Requirements →
Portfolio Assignments →
Online Application →

Second-year Review

At the end of the 200-level series, minors/pre-majors can apply for the BFA major. If admitted, they start taking the upper division courses. If they are not admitted into the major or if they decide not to continue beyond the 200-level, they will be awarded a design minor. The requirements for this review are currently in development.

The application deadline is March 9th at 4pm.

Application Requirements →
Online Application (not yet available) →

For current design majors

The design program is going through significant curricular changes. The BA degree will start to be phased out in Fall 2022. Students who have been accepted to start the program in Fall 2021 will need to complete the BA major in two years. They will also have the opportunity to apply to the current BFA program in Winter 2023. This will be the last cohort in the current program. All the BA majors must complete the DSGN requirements by Spring 2023. The last BFA cohort of the current program must complete all the DSGN class requirements by Spring 2024.

BFA Application Form (for current students only) →

User Experience Minor

The predicted demand for this minor is high, so a cap may be necessary to limit enrollment. Currently 16-20 students are be accepted per year. Selection occurs two times per year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring. The selection committee comprises of representatives from each of the five programs (Industrial Design, Design, Business Administration [Marketing Concentration], Psychology and Computer Science).

UX Minor Application Form →

Illustration Certificate

Please contact the department for declaration requirements: design@wwu.edu


Scholarships are available for Design majors each Spring.

Scholarship Information and Form→

Grade Requirements

Majors must maintain a 2.50 GPA both overall and in design courses taken at Western. Students falling below the 2.50 average will be placed on probation; failure to bring the cumulative GPA up to 2.50 by the end of two subsequent quarters will result in removal from the major. A grade of C- or better is required for a student’s major or minor courses, and supporting courses for majors and minors.