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We're really proud of our alums.

We know we might sound a touch confident. It isn’t because we’re brash and arrogant, it’s because we’ve had some of the finest students in the game. We’re proud. Our students have won at the Type Director’s Club, Adobe Design Achievement Awards, Creative Quarterly, Graphis, and Communication Arts. We have alumni coast-to-coast and abroad, in all levels and areas of design, working in-house at places like Airbnb, Amazon, Boeing, Disney, Dropbox, Eventbrite, Everlane, Fabletics, Facebook, GLDN, Google, Microsoft, Nike, Nordstrom, Pepsi, Pinterest, REI, and Starbucks, and working in agencies such as Artifact, BASIC, Hornall Anderson, Huge, Instrument, Mentor, Smashing Ideas, Teague, Tether, TenGun Design, Wongdoody, and Ziba. These creative directors, product designers, and industry movers and shakers, are what make us the Department of Design.

Group of alumni and faculty

Group of alumni and faculty
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Alumni Spotlight

Catching up with Senior Designers at Starbucks Creative Studio

Tiffany Hsu, Abby McCartin, Taylor Mattson, and Jamie Jones give us a behind-the-scenes look at working for Starbucks Creative Studio, while sharing advice for future grads and reminiscing about their time in the program.

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Portrait of Tiffany Hsu, Abby McCartin, Tayor Mattson, Jamie Jones