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Frequently asked questions about the proposed new BFA program

When will the program be implemented?

The first cohort is scheduled to start in the fall of 2022. The first class would be graduating in Spring 2025.

Will there still be a second BFA portfolio review?

Yes, the first portfolio review would ensure placement in all the 200-level classes as a pre-major status. After that, there will be a second portfolio for admission in the BFA major. Students admitted in the major will have access to the upper division classes.

How selective are the portfolio reviews?

The first review fluctuates depending on the number of applicants on a given year. The department’s target is to admit 54 pre-majors each year. The second portfolio review would select 36 from the 54 pre-majors to continue in the major.

What happens if I don’t pass the second portfolio review?

You would not be able to take the upper division classes. However, providing you successfully complete all the 200-level coursework, you would earn a minor in Design.

Will the new BFA students still need to accrue 11 credits on a minor?

No, in the new program the minor requirement will be removed.

How long would it take to finish the major?

The major is structured in a sequential manner, and the shortest possible amount of time needed is 3 years. To ensure consistent progress and skills build up, the classes need to be taken in a specific order, so we recommend prioritizing the design classes when planning your course schedule. The department commits to providing seats in the classes for all admitted majors, to ensure the course work can be completed in a reasonable timeframe. Please keep in mind if you skip a class on a certain quarter, you will be left out of the sequence and will have to wait a year to take the class and get back into the sequence.

How many design classes would I be required to take each quarter?

The number of requirements varies from 2 to 3 courses per quarter.

Will the summer internship still be required?

The department will actively look for internship opportunities for its majors. However, it would not be realistic to promise 36 paid internships every year. Therefore, while the summer internship is strongly recommended, the number of credits is flexible—6 to 10 credits— and can be combined with other courses, such as our new summer Visual Lab course and/or our summer Study Abroad course.

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