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2022 Outstanding Graduate Award

Congratulations Joshua Shinoda, BFA

Joshua Shinoda

Josh Shinoda is a designer graduating from the Department of Design with a BFA. Josh is passionate about branding, illustration, literature and music. During his time as a student, Josh cofounded Conduit, an “independent student-run advocacy group working in partnership with faculty and students to create opportunities for dialogue, professional development, and community engagement through design. Our goal is to give students more autonomy over their education within the design department by channeling student voices, concerns, and experiences into actions.”

In Josh’s own words, “…[A]s human beings, [we] are constantly in communication with other people and the environment around us. We converse through verbal language, written language, visual language, body language… As a designer, I consider myself a facilitator, interpreter, and initiator of conversation. Design… is its own mode of communication, separate from the inherent social languages we use. A good design can cross all social and linguistic boundaries, effectively communicating a message. These messages span what brands offer to consumers through to the complex issues that plague mankind. My hope is to create and continue to add to conversations to change the way we think and improve this place we call home.” Projects Josh has designed during his time at WWU include hypothetical branding for the the metaverse and rebranding for the Seattle Sonics and Wooden Tooth Records. Josh also demonstrated his real-world problem solving for the Western Gallery’s Identity as well as proposing environmental applications incorporating emerging solar window technology developed through a partnership between WWU research students and a private laboratory.

Josh’s participation with Conduit, the student-run advocacy group, included initiating surveys to gather feedback from students regarding their experiences here; hosting dialogue sessions and stress-relief stations during finals week; holding “office hours” for students in lower-division courses to seek mentoring; attending project critiques in other courses to give peer feedback; and modeling respect, leadership and professionalism within his BFA cohort. Josh also illustrated and designed a set of Baseball Cards for Black creators in honor of his heritage and Black History Month.

Josh’s willingness to reach out to incoming students and interface with WWU faculty has strengthened the design community here at WWU. His example and dedication to craft, thoughtful investment in the creative process, desire to acquire new skills, collaboration with people from a variety of backgrounds and ability to recognize each person’s potential are a testament to his character and contributions to our program.

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