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Give us a project.
We have the tools to create worlds. No matter the challenge, we’re resilient and adaptable. Watch us bring designs to life.


We are the 2020 class of Western Washington University’s Design program. Our cohort has found innovative ways to come together and grow as designers, creating a culture of collaborative disruption. Through WWU’s competitive Design coursework, we’ve discovered intersections in our knowledge while challenging each other to constantly strive for the next level. We’ve developed skills in branding, illustration, motion graphics, packaging, 3D rendering, research, web design and user experience. We work seamlessly between analog and digital space, solidifying brands and bringing experiences to life.

We think critically about our work; we listen intently and can apply the evolving skills we’ve learned in meaningful ways. The iterative processes that are ingrained in our brains allow us to toggle between the big picture and elusively small details of a project, imbuing the work we do with intention and thoughtfulness. We are patient observers. We have developed a collective eye for what’s to come. This is our role as designers; to understand the needs of our clients, sometimes before they do.

We invite you to explore the projects we’ve put our hearts and minds into these last few years. Get to know us, ask us our stories, we can’t wait to dive in head first.