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As designers, we are accustomed to adapting our skill sets to meet the needs of our environment and circumstances. The past few months have been a testament to just that. Each year, we, the graduating Design BFA cohort at Western Washington University, hold a portfolio show to celebrate and exhibit years of hard work—this year, things changed. In keeping with the spirit of connecting the design community, we decided to try something new and host a poster competition instead.

This is an open call for posters from creatives around the globe to contribute work that celebrates what’s good amidst the world’s current crisis. What's going on in your community that makes you happy and gives you inspiration?



File Requirements (we need both files for print and web):

  • _PDF, CMYK, 18x24 Inches, 200 DPI
  • _JPG, RGB, 1728x1296 Pixels, 72 DPI
  • _Less than 10 Mb File Size
Email Content:

  • _First and Last Name
  • _Instagram Handle (if applicable)
  • _Website (if applicable)
  • _Poster PDF & JPG Files
  • _Contact Info
Email files to
Entry Fee:

Student Entry – FREE
Professional Entry – Suggested $25 Donation

The $25 entry donation for professionals enables us to give back to students like us by creating a scholarship for students next year.

Donate Here

  • _Choose your donation amount
  • _Search for "Design Department" under Choose Your Support Area
  • _Fill out the form
  • _Select Additional Gift Instructions and write "What's Good"


1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place – Winners will be recognized and posters will be included in a printed edition. Winners will receive a copy.

25 Finalists – Posters will be included in the print edition. Winners will receive a copy.


When will winners be announced?

June 15

What do the winners win?

The top 25 finalists will win a print edition of the competition submissions and get individual pages highlighting their posters.

Do I need to pay to enter?

Technically no. However, we are raising money to support next year's design students with a scholarship fund, therefore we are suggesting a $25 minumum donation be made by professional entering the competition.

Can I submit more than 1 poster?

YES! Submit as many as you would like.

Who can enter?


When is the deadline?

June 11th, 2020 at 11:59pm PDT


Anna Hart

Anna is an illustrator, musician and creator from Seattle, Washington. She enjoys immersive design experiences that allow users to tap into their abundantly creative and expansive inner worlds.

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Annalee Vowels

Annalee is passionate about sustainability and believes in utilitarian beauty. Anything that involves illustration usually sparks her interest.

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Brennan Commons

Brennan is a designer and entrepreneur with an interest in anything minimal and geometric. Data visualization, typography, and branding are a few of his preferred focuses.

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Chancellor Gardiner

Chancellor is passionate about experimenting with technology and creating work through nontraditional methods. His interest in design history informs a passion for book design, user experience, and design theory.

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Connor Schattenkerk

Connor is an illustrator & designer raised in small town Fall City, WA. His love for problem solving and all things creative drives a unique perspective, a strong work ethic, and a passion for perseverance.

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Cyrena Johnson

An avid artist and designer from Seattle, WA, Cyrena loves to experiment with different aesthetics and expand her style in new directions. Right now she's most passionate about UX work and illustration.

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Ennis Johnson

Ennis seeks to create expressive work with social impact in branding, editorial, packaging, UX, and Environmental/Experiential design.

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Hunter Simpson

Hunter strives to work collaboratively to create projects that communicate authentic stories and serve a purpose greater than herself. She is interested in exploring experiential and environment design, working with/for/about emotions, and the intersection of design, fashion and social justice.

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Jake Rinn

I take my coffee black, listened to 60,000+ minutes of music last year, and have an unhealthy addiction to popcorn. In design, I am focusing on animation, illustration, and branding.

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Joyia enjoys doing a bit of everything from print to UX. Lately she's been into oil pastels and motion graphics.

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Wynter Thorne

Wynter Thorne is a dedicated Designer with an emphasis on creative solutions. Her passions lie in user experience, user interface, branding, and overall company identity. She loves to collaborate and strives to make an impression with every project -- aiming to apply a unique style, an open mind, and a devotion to producing the highest quality results.

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