Employee Attestation FAQs

Am I required to complete both the Attestation form and the On-Site Approval form?

If you are on campus as part of an approved on-site safety plan (or formerly approved department reopening plan), only the attestation form is required. If you are on-site for a reason not addressed in a plan, both the on-site approval and attestation forms are required.

The on-site approval form should be filled out in advance to obtain approval for an on-site visit where it is not covered by an on-site safety plan (or formerly approved department reopening plan).

The attestation form is filled out the day of visit, prior to coming to campus.

I only go to campus every couple of weeks, do I need to compete this?

You only need to complete the attestation on days you will be on campus. If you are not going to campus, then you do not need to fill out the attestation.

Do I need to fill out the attestation form if I am teaching an in-person class?

Yes, anyone going to a Western worksite will need to complete the Attestation Form.

Do faculty and staff who work at locations outside Bellingham also need to complete the Attestation?

Yes. All Western employees must comply with the state directive.

If I printed the Attestation Form, who do I submit the form to?

Submit the printed form to your supervisor.

Is the student attestation form the same as the faculty/staff attestation form?

Yes. Student attestations run through the electronic medical record system which will provide a badge with a QR code for them to show the site supervisor, who may be screening entrants into the building. A green badge indicates they are “cleared” for the day.

I am a student employee, which form do I fill out?

Students should be using the student form each time they are on campus. However, if you are a student and working on campus at your student job, you will need to complete both attestation forms. Complete the employee attestation form only on days that you are working.

What if my department has a different system attestation procedure? Which one do I follow?

Please follow the direction of your supervisor. They will let you what method your department is using.

How will the data be stored, and will it be secure?

The attestation page uses the same technology as Banner; therefore, all data gathered starts and ends inside Western’s secure technology environment. There is an additional layer of security; Western employees must authenticate before viewing the page. The data collected is stored in a custom table. We only collect the employee’s first, last name and the date and time of the attestation. No W# or medical information is collected or stored. Data storage and retention follow state guidelines. This approach was approved by the Risk & Compliance Office with the consultation of Western's AAG.

Who do I call if I’m having technical problems?

Call the ATUS help desk at 1-360-650-3333.