Summer 2013 Newsletter

Reminder About Bias Incident Reporting Form

The EO Office reminds the University community about the availability of the Bias Incident Reporting Form.  The form provides a way for individuals to anonymously notify the University of occurrences of possible bias, discrimination or harassment, including incidents such as graffiti where the perpetrator is unknown.  Reporting incidents of bias, either via the Bias Incident Reporting Form or by contacting the EO Office directly, allows Western to identify and correct problems, assist those who are targeted, and work to prevent future similar occurrences.  Additional information about the Bias Incident Reporting Form, and a link to the form itself, are available on the EO Office’s website.

In addition to or instead of reporting discrimination or harassment using the Bias Incident Reporting Form, all students, faculty and staff have a right to file a complaint with the EO Office alleging discrimination based on a legally protected characteristic.  The EO Office is located in Old Main 345.

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