Gender Neutral Restrooms

Students, faculty and staff can download this handout and this printable map providing the locations of gender neutral restrooms on campus. Gender netural restrooms are also shown on the interactive campus map.

This signcan be used in classrooms, offices and at events to share the location of the nearest gender neutral restroom.

Educational signs outside newly converted gender neutral restrooms help inform people about why gender neutral restrooms are important.

Academic building directories list the locations of gender neutral restrooms in the building, or the location of the nearest gender neutral restroom if there is not one in the building.

The signage for Western’s gender neutral restrooms was designed by a former Western student during her time working in the AS Publicity Center, and intentionally avoids stereotypical and gender-binary stick figure images that are found on traditional restrooms signs.

Gender Neutral Facilities Guidelines

During Summer 2016, Western approved and began implementation of university-wide Guidelines for Gender Neutral Facilities. The Guidelines are available here.

The Equal Opportunity Office and the Office of Facilities Development and Capital Budget share responsibility for ensuring ongoing adherence to the Guidelines. Please direct questions about the Guidelines to either:

Sue Guenter-Schlesinger
Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity & Employment Diversity
Title IX & ADA Coordinator
(360) 650-3307

Rick Benner
Director, Facilities Development & Capital Budget
(360) 650-3550


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