Summer 2013 Newsletter

A Message from the Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity and Employment Diversity, ADA & Title IX Coordinator

Sue Guenter-SchlesingerAs campus is filled with the energy of summer programs and first-year students attending Summerstart, I am pleased to share the Summer 2013 EOO Newsletter. In this issue, you will find an article about Title IX Resources for Summer Program Participants, reminders about Western’s Bias Incident Reporting Form and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for new faculty and staff, and an article about the Ethnic Student Center’s First ESC Commencement held in June.

We are all excited about the opportunity to hire additional faculty and staff this year. Throughout the summer, the EO Office has worked with search committees, and we look forward to additional work with committees this Fall.  As hiring authorities compose search committees, it is important to ensure that these committees include diverse individuals.  People with diverse backgrounds and identities may provide multiple perspectives helpful in evaluating candidates, and thus enhance the robustness of the committee’s assessment of applicants.  The presence of people of color, people of different genders, LGBT people, people with disabilities, veterans and other diverse individuals on search committees can also indicate to candidates that Western is a university community that values inclusive excellence and one in which they will be welcomed.

The searches taking place this academic year present an important opportunity to enhance the diversity of our faculty and staff.  This is consistent with the University’s strategic goals, and is responsive to the ever-increasing diversity of our student body.  It is crucial that search committees continue their outreach efforts to build diverse pools of highly qualified applicants.  The EO Office will continue to work with search committees throughout the year to identify avenues for additional outreach to diverse potential applicants.  In an effort to be additionally helpful to search committees, we are developing an equal opportunity and affirmative action hiring guide.  Look for it this Fall Quarter!

I hope this summer gives you an opportunity to relax and refresh.  All of us in the EO Office look forward to our continued work with you in the Fall and thank you for all your good efforts in supporting a diverse and inclusive campus.


Sue Guenter-Schlesinger

Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity & Employment Diversity

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