Marine Mammal Ecology Lab
seals lounging on a log

Current MSc Students

Nathaniel Guilford in scuba diving gear

Nathaniel Guilford

(2018-present) Determining individual specialization in harbor seals.

Co-advised with Dr. Dietmar Schwarz.

Nathaniel will employ different genetic techniques to develop a reliable methodology to determine the identity of individual harbor seals from scat in order to describe individual foraging specialization.

Grace Freeman displaying a bag of apples

Grace Freeman

(2019-present) Foraging ecology of individual harbor seals.

Grace will study the foraging ecology of individual harbor seals in Whatcom Creek, downtown Bellingham, WA. Specifically, she will examine the potential occurrence and foraging success of rogue individuals consuming salmonids in the creek. Bobbie Buzzell

Jonathon Blubaugh on a ship with a net in hand

Jonathan Blubaugh

(2018-present) Differential impact of male and female harbor seals in the community.

Co-advised with Dr. Dietmar Schwarz.

Jonathan will use models to estimate the differential impact that the foraging of male and female harbor seals have on their prey. The study will be carried out in collaboration with Drs. Isaac Kaplan and Eric Ward from NOAA. Grace Freeman

Bobbie Buzzell standing on a rock overlooking an island in Bellingham Bay

Bobbie Buzzell

(2019-present) Diet of river otters.

In collaboration with former graduate student Adrianne Akmajian (Ecologist of the Makah Tribe), Bobbie will describe the diet of river otters (Lontra canadensis) to estimate the extent to which they consume invasive European green crabs (Carcinus maenas) in the lower Wa’atch and Tsoo-Yess Rivers, Washington State.