Marine Mammal Ecology Lab
seals lounging on a log

Current MSc Students

Kathleen McKeegan

Kathleen McKeegan in Antarctica

(2020-present) Cooperative hunting behavior and social networking of harbor seals.

Kathleen will determine if harbor seals hunt cooperatively and have prefered hunting associates as they forage on returning adult salmonids in Whatcom Creek, Bellingham, Washington State.

Zoë Lewis

Zöe Lewis in the Pacific Crest Trail

(2020-present) Pinniped consumption of salmonids along the Olympic coast, Washington State.

Co-advised with Dr. Dietmar Schwarz.

In collaboration with former graduate student Adrianne Akmajian (Ecologist of the Makah Tribe), Zoë will estimate the impact of seals and sea lions preying on returning adult salmonids as they enter the Salish Sea. Funded by Washington Sea Grant.