Marine Mammal Ecology Lab
seals lounging on a log

Current Undergraduate Students

Kyra and her dog

Kyra Bankhead

(2020-present) Harbor seal haul-out occurence relative to noise.

Kyra has taken over the continuing research on the occurrence of harbor seals in Bellingham started by former undergraduate Jessica Farrer in 2007 as well as the more recent project started by Wyatt Heimbichner-Goebel on the relationship between noise levels and occurrence of harbor seals. She will observe seals in downtown Bellingham and Semiahmoo Marina throughout the summer and academic year.

Kate and her dog

Kate Clayton

(2020-present) Foraging behavior of harbor seals.

Kate has taken over the continuing research on foraging behavior of harbor seals in Whatcom Creek started by former undergraduate Erin Stehr in 2011. She will document seal presence and foraging relative to salmonid runs throughout the academic year and will also carry out her own independent project.

Holland at Mount Baker.

Holland Conwell

(2021-present) Foraging behavior of male and female harbor seals.

Holland will analyze molecular data to examine the diet of female and male harbor seals in the southern Salish Sea and determine potential differences in their impacts on species of concern.