Marine Mammal Ecology Lab

Research Assistants

None of the work in the lab would be possible without the time and effort of the many research assistants that have been involved throughout the years. Gracias!!

2021 Olivia Dong Katelynn Smith
  Savannah Dayton Julia Schwartz
  Susannah Bloom Liliana Hart-Beck
  Kira Walters  
2020 Elsa Anaya (to 2021) Antonia Parrish (to 2021)
  Erik Saastamo (to 2021) Tabitha Gray (to 2021)
  Bree Daigneault (to 2021) Maddie Gard (to 2021)
  Mary Valentine Damon Sheneman
  Jennifer Quiroz-Morales (to 2021) Drew Larson (to 2021)
  Eli Shah Leila Parnell (to 2021)
  Lileigh Thomas (to 2021) Breanna Baisch (to 2021)
2019 Riley Marcus (to 2020) Olivia Mueller (to 2021)
  Kate Clayton (to 2020) (continued as a mentor) Sophie Carlson (to 2021)
  Abby Severns (to 2020) Amanda Rueda (to 2020)
  Erik Ehlers (to 2020) Jeremy Johnson (2021)
  Rachel Riley (to 2020) Jakob Hindman (to 2020)
  Kyra Bankhead (to 2020) (continued as a mentor) Holland Conwell (to 2021)(continued as a mentor)
  Brenna Taylor John Leonard (to 2020)
  Vail Dark (to 2020) Katherine Fry (to 2020)
  Chaya Gaberria (to 2021) Maren Stratton (to 2020)
  Jeffrey Jasper (to 2020)  
2018 Jenny Hamilton Wyatt-Heimbichner Gobble (continued as a mentor)
  Amanda Eisenberg Megan Hills (to 2019)
  Jane Schrock (to 2019) Nina-Tuyen Tran
  Sam Klassen Savannah Smith (to 2019)
  Ethan Duvall Shaelynne Trunk (to 2019)
  Glenna Dyson-Roberts (to 2020) Helen Krueger (to 2019) (continued as a mentor)
  Madison Boock  
2017 Logan Kuhn (to 2018) Mariah Kollasch (to 2018)
  Justin Ridley Delany Adams (to 2019) (continued as a mentor)
  Sage Pollack (to 2019) Michelle Joseph (to 2018)
  Emily Rose Madison McKay (to 2018) (continued as a mentor)
  Dane Heggens Skyler Elmstrom (to 2018)
  Hillary Thalmann (to 2018) Andy Nutzhorn (to 2018)
  Elizabeth Hanson  
2016 Nathan Roueche Tanner Thuet-Davenport (to 2017)
  Maria Prieto (to 2017) Makenna Johansen (to 2017)
  Brenna McClellan (to 2017) Riannon Rondeau (to 2017)
  Bre Mills (to 2018) MacKenna Newmarch (to 2017) (continued as a mentor)
  Lindsey Hanson Virginia O'Callahan
  Ian Blixt (to 2017) Alisa Aist (to 2017) (continued as a mentor)
2015 Skye French (to 2017) Hannah Burley (to 2017)
  Ethan Tilly Raven Benko (continued as a mentor)
  Nolan Newman (to 2016) Holden Miller (to 2017)
  Nicholas Wesen (continued as a mentor) Madeleine Hopkins
2014 Kayla Litterel Rachel Wachtendonk (to 2016) (continued as a mentor)
  Amy Lepis Daniel Woodrich (to 2015) (continued as a mentor)
  Kirsten Steinke (to 2015) Jessica Kerby (to 2016)
  Zack Pike-Urlacher Jessica Stanley (to 2015)
  Erin Harker (to 2015) Fischer Young (to 2015)
  Alexi Osterhaus (to 2015) Allegra La Ferr (to 2015)
  Gunnar Gudal Chardonnai Bondurant-Crummel (to 2015)
  Megan Dripps Elizabeth McMurchie
  Kailey Gaibran-Voorhes Mariah Bergeson
2013 Kinsi Clarke (to 2016) Amanda Claussen
  McKenzie Gwinn Erin Matthews (continued as a mentor)
  Kacey Koenig Kady Walker
  Ashlyn Teather (continued as a mentor) Jennifer Lopez
2012 Rachel Blyth Kelsey Moreno (continued as a mentor)
  Lesli Baker (to 2014) Nathan Moore (continued as a mentor)
  Emily Kelleigh (to 2013) Raquel Robayo-Krause (continued as a mentor)
  Ann Hulbert Kaitlyn Ly
  Emily Mulnick (continued as a mentor) Hannah Underwood
  Dan Moore Caitlyn Moore
  Michelle Bender  
2011 Eric DeLander Kelsey Scharnhorst
  Erika Winner (to 2012) (continued as a mentor)  
2010 Emily Jeffreys Laurel Mundy
  Kelly Cates (continued as a mentor)  
2009 Meredith Emery Anndrea Hahn
  Kelley Andrews (continued as a mentor) Indu Soini
2008 Jamie Barkley Amanda Chomos (continued as a mentor)
2007 Kelley Andrews Sara Cendejas-Zarelli (continued as a mentor)
  Adam Peck-Richardson Kelsea Peterman
  Tyler Ritchie Patrick Haggerty (to 2008)
  James Soda (continued as a mentor) Chris Vennum (continued as a mentor)
  Lindsey Watson Colin Wahl
2006 Alexandra Heiley Jessica Farrer (to 2007) (continued as a mentor)
2005 Katie Booth Alice Crowley (to 2006)
  Richard Hawkins Andrea Henton
  Jennifer Doherty Emily Higuchi
  Jessie Patterson (continued as a mentor) Justin Paul
  Brittany Poirson (to 2006)  
2004 Lisa Bailey Elaine Schroeder (to 2006)
  Anna O'Coynne Jennifer Sloth
  Elizabeth Floyd (to 2005) Austen Thomas (continued as a mentor)
2003 Sarah Myhre (continued as a mentor) Amber Johnson (continued as a mentor)