Economic Data Sources

The following sites have proved to be good sources of economic data:


EconLit--A search engine for academic economic literature (available to WWU only).


Domestic Data
St. Louis Federal Reserve Economic Data--Money, GDP, Price Levels, etc.

IPUMS--Univ. of Minnesota compilation of world wide census data

StatsIndiana--A ton of city, county, and state level economic data
Chicago Federal Reserve Economic Data--has daily interest rates, etc.

Free Lunch--Over a million time series data sets including daily stock market data.

EconData--Some regional data, a lot of manufacturing and NIPA data

National Bureau of Economic Research
Economagic:  Economic Time Series Page--Good resource for macro data
The Dismal Scientist--Daily information
The Fair Model
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation--Banks, Banks and more Banks

Resources for Economists

Government Information Sharing Project--Region economic information, population, census

Panel Study of Income Dynamics--Household data on income, age, etc.

WebEc--General list of many data sources

Bureau of Economic Analysis--International, National, and Regional Data

Energy Informatiom Administration--Data on each fuel category

Bureau of Labor Statistics

U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Department of Agriculture

General Social Survey--Annual interview survey (35,000 responses to 2500 questions)

United States Statistical Abstracts

State Statistical Abstracts

State and Metropolitan Area Data Book

The Conference Board--Home of the Leading Economic Indicators Index

Real Time Data--American Macroeconomic data issued at the original date of publication (before updates, revisions, etc.)

The Livingston Survey--A survey of forecasts on future values of Macro data by economic "experts"

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Traffic Accidents



Economic Growth Data

Nuffield College Growth Page

Jones and Obstfeld--Economic growth data from 13 countries starting in 1850

Penn World Tables--Growth data on over 120 countries

International Data
Central Bank Resource Center--An excellent source to find any of the World's Central Banks

Foreign Trade Statistics (Census Bureau)
World Fact Book (CIA)
Foreign Government Data Sources

International Trade Administration--Trade statistics


Crime Data

Bureau of Justice Statistics--Crime data by state, locality or nation

Crime Statistics--Link to a number of crime statistics

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data--A service of ICPSR


Education Data

Common Core Data--School Level Data

National Center for Education Statistics


U.S. Election Data

Federal Election Commission


Other Sources of Information

The Mining Company--A webpage devoted to current economic data and thought.

American Economic Association

Economic Report of the President

Quantitative Macroeconomics and Real Business Cycle Theory--links to RBC research and data

WebEc--Listing of Economics Journals

Poll and Survey Listings

The Fed in Print--Listing and links to articles published in the Federal Reserve Bulletins

Dupuy Data--War Data


Baseball Statistics


Baseball1 (Alternate)


Student Economic Journals

List of Student Journals

Student Economic Review--A Journal Published by and for Students


Economic Working Papers

Economics Working Paper Archives


Economic History Sites

Economic History Services Operated by the Cliometric Society


Local Washington Data

State of Washington Labor Market Data (by Zip Code, City, County, and State)

Bureau of Economic Analysis


Data Files (You need to download these to your computer.  Do not open them straight from the webpage)

Navy File:  A sample of current and prior Navy officers and the rank they attained.  Good for determining the number and probability of promotion based upon education, etc.  (Excel File)