ESCI 435/535: Landscape Ecology

A partial list of relevant journals:

Advances In Ecological Research
Biodiversity & Conservation
Biological Conservation
Climate Change
Conservation Biology
Conservation Ecology / Ecology & Society (this is a Web-based journal. Click here to go to the home page for this journal)
Note: Effective in January of 2004, the journal Conservation Ecology has changed itís name to Ecology& Society. Papers in Conservation Ecology can be viewed and printed from any computer with internet access.
Ecological Applications
Ecological Monographs
Forest Ecology & Management (Click here for recent issues that are available online)
Journal of Animal Ecology
Journal of Forestry
Journal of Wildlife Management
Landscape Ecology
Remote Sensing of Environment
Restoration Ecology
USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station Online Publications
Wildlife Monographs



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