Motions passed by the Faculty Senate 2000-2001

(from Minutes) 


Chris Suczek, President







Bylaw 12 � Faculty Handbook Suczek reminded Senators that changes in this Bylaw were primarily changes to the nomenclature for consistency purposes.  Following a motion from Suczek, Senators passed the changes that had already appeared in FAST. 6/4/01
Yom Kippur Holiday

The motion approved by the Senate is included below:

�In keeping with Western�s Strategic Plan, which states

�The University will seek to provide a campus atmosphere that reflects respect for the richness of diversity; The University will demonstrate enhanced awareness of and sensitivity to diversity, and will examine and revise its policies and procedures in light of these issues,� and in recognition that Yom Kippur occurs during the first week of classes this September, the Senate approves the following actions.

1.  Faculty will not assess any penalty against students absent on Wednesday 26 September 2001 (the first day of classes for Fall Quarter) or Thursday 27 September 2001 nor drop such students from class lists because of their absence.

2.  The Registrar will increase the add-drop period by 24 hours for Fall 2001, allowing more time for students to change their schedules.

3.  The Provost and Faculty Senate President will send an announcement to faculty to urge their awareness of and sensitivity to the needs of students.

4.  Prior to the beginning of the academic year 2001, the University will notify incoming students about the one-time changes in policy listed under 1 and 2 above.

5.  The University will also place an announcement in The Western Front during Spring 2001, so that continuing students will know of these changes.�


Senate Meeting Calender Senators approved the Senate meeting calendar for 2001-2002 following a motion from the Senate Executive Council. 5/21/01
2002-3003 Contingency Plan A motion made by Robert Thorndike and seconded by Steve Ross was unanimously passed to approve the 2002-2003 University Contingency Plan forwarded from the University Planning Council.  The Plan will be forwarded for approval to the Board of Trustees. 5/7/01
Senate Library Committee Minutes of 3/5/01

Suczek summarized Option B (Faculty Fine proposal) as follows:

       Faculty will not pay daily fines on overdue Western Library materials unless they have been recalled (by other library users); faculty will pay overdue fines on interlibrary loans and Cascade loans; faculty will pay non-refundable processing fees for items that generate lost item billing.  Unless they return the item they will also be charged a replacement fee.

       Sanctions will be enacted whenever a faculty member accrues an unpaid account equivalent to one lost book billing. 

       Sanctions include rescinding library privileges.  Faculty will not be able to borrow Western Library materials, to use Cascade, to use Iliad, or to access the faculty document system.

Senators approved the minutes of 3/5/01, which favor the �B� option, proposed for faculty fines (summarized above).


Leaves of Absence Related to Eligibility for Professional Leave After discussion, Senators voted to unanimously approve the �Changes in the Policy on Leaves of Absence Related to Eligibility for Professional Leave� as amended. 4/9/01
BL7.10, Faculty Handbook Senators passed a unanimous motion (1 abstention) to adopt the revisions to BL7.10 of the Faculty Handbook changing the composition of the Academic Technology Committee (previously published in FAST). 4/9/01
Process for appealing a decision not to grant tenure or promotion Senators continued discussion on the current process for appealing a decision not to grant tenure or promotion and how it can be improved: 3/12/01
Change in the membership charge of the ATC Kathleen Kennedy made a motion, seconded by Jim Vyvyan, to publish the change in the membership charge of the Academic Technology Committee in FAST, prior to voting to approve at the next Senate meeting. 3/12/01
Leaves of Absence Related to Eligibility for Professional Leave A further motion by Steve Ross to postpone discussion on the entire topic was seconded by Brad Johnson, and passed unanimously. 2/26/01
Leaves of Absence Related to Eligibility for Professional Leave Senators reviewed a motion to change the policy on leaves of absence and after discussion and deliberation made several motions to alter the wording.  2/26/01
Apportionment of 2001-2002 Senate seats A motion was made by Jim Vyvyan, seconded by Mark Bussell to approve the Apportionment of Seats by Department for the 2001-2002 Senate, which passed 24 in favor, 1 opposed.  This document will be included in the nominating packets mailed to all faculty (and can be found on the Senate website at 2/26/01
Faculty Handbook Changes 

       Page 8, section V.C , Section 2, sentence 4 (changed material is underlined, deleted material in brackets):

The Professional Performance / Development Review includes review by department peers.  This review will normally occur [and normally occurs] every five years after the faculty member receives [receiving] tenure; however, the review will occur every three years if the shorter period is required for accreditation.



Section 4:

While it is expected that tenured faculty will receive a Professional Performance / Development (PP/D) Review every five years, the review period will be three years if the shorter period is required for accreditation.  [f] Flexibility in this requirement is permissible.  A shorter review period, for example, may occur if a PP/D review is not successfully passed (in line with V.C.3) or if specified by a unit evaluation plan.  A longer period might occur, for example, if a faculty member eligible for [a five-year] review is within a year or two of retirement.  Adjustments to lengthen or shorten the review period are also possible to accomplish a department�s administrative aims such as equalizing the percent of faculty reviewed in any one year.  Changes in the length of the review period should be approved by the department�s college.


Faculty Handbook Changes (continued)


After reports by Lorrie Brilla and Ken Hoover on the standard of evidence issue, Senators voted to approve a motion from the Senate Executive Council (22 yes, 1 no, and 4 abstentions) not to oppose the Board's intention of modifying section xvii.C.2.l of the Faculty Handbook by adding the following to the end of sentence 2 [new text underlined]: 


XVII.C.2.l.   "The findings of fact and the judgment of the Hearing Panel will be based solely on the hearing record.  The burden of proof that adequate cause exists rests with the institution and will be satisfied only by the preponderance of the evidence in the record considered as a whole."


SB 6346 The faculty of Western Washington University does not want to be included in Senate Bill 6346. Senators noted four items not covered in the present legislation: a. Definition of a bargaining unit b. Relationship of the union to faculty governance c. Strike and lockout provisions d. The roles of the Chairs.                                       11/27/00
The Faculty supports the idea that the Faculty Senate Representative should continue to investigate opportunities for enabling legislation for collective bargaining. 11/27/00
revised UPC charge (Acad. Tech. Cte purview) A motion by the Executive Council to change the Faculty Senate handbook as follows: Proposed ByLaw change (Handbook, p.61) BL.7.6 (University Planning Council). Delete: "Item 5. The development of the campus computing environment as part of its regular planning responsibilities, with a particular charge to attend to computing and information needs peculiar to academicians." (This part of the charge now falls under the purview of the Academic Technology Committee.) 11/13/00
Ad Hoc Cte - Tenure A motion to refer the charge on formation of an Ad Hoc Committee or Reconsideration of Tenure Decisions back to the Executive Council for review and inclusion of recommended changes. 10/2/00