Motions (from minutes) passed by the Faculty Senate 2007-2008

Jeff Newcomer, President






Term Limits for Standing Committee Membership

Term Limits for Standing Committee membership � MOTION TO APPROVE

By Motion Senators unanimously approved revisions to By-Law 7 of the Constitution: Committees, Councils, and Commissions which will allow faculty to serve on Standing Committees for up to six consecutive years.  The information has been published to the Faculty and in FAST as required by the Faculty Handbook.

 The first revision reads:  �Faculty members on these Committees, Councils, and Commissions may be reappointed by the Faculty Senate and may serve for up to six consecutive years. provided that only in exceptional cases will any faculty member serve on any Committee, Council, or Commission for longer than two consecutive terms.�   The second revision is the deletion of the following sentence:  Chairs shall be invited to the Executive Council on a quarterly basis and as circumstances warrant.

Academic Coordinating Commission Charge � Motion to Approve

By Motion Senators approved a revised charge for the Academic Coordinating Commission, which provides that curricular committees of the colleges nominate the faculty who will be approved by the Senate to serve on the ACC.   Following publication in FAST and email to the faculty, Senators will conduct a second vote.

Resolution on Collective Bargaining


Senators had reviewed via email the text of a resolution from the Senate Executive Council that expressed the faculty�s support for certain positions of the UFWW as outlined at the all-faculty meeting of January 31st.  Senators voiced the points of view of their constituents whom they had polled and discovered that there is overwhelming support around campus for the ideas expressed in the resolution.

 Ira Hyman called the question and the Senate unanimously and overwhelmingly passed the following RESOLUTION:

�RESOLVED THAT: The Faculty Senate of Western Washington University supports the United Faculty of Western Washington's positions on wages, workload, grievance and arbitration, hiring limited-term faculty, and the existence of the Faculty Senate, as outlined at the all-faculty meeting of January 31, 2008�.

ATC Charge

 Senators unanimously approved a revised charge presented by the Academic Technology Committee which was reviewed at last week�s meeting (moved by Liao-Troth, seconded by Larner).   Text of the charge is as follows: 

�BL.7.8  The Academic Technology Committee 

In order a) to assist in making Western Washington University a distinctive community of scholars and b) to maintain and enhance Western�s use of academic technology, the Academic Technology Committee of the Faculty Senate:

1.        Provides advice, guidance, and support to the Information Technology Services organization of the University, and

2.        Assures that Western�s investment in information technology facilities and resources effectively and efficiently serves the University�s strategic activities and the academic requirements of students and faculty.

To fulfill this mission, the Committee:

                      reviews and assesses the planning, budget resources/requests, capital resource requirements, and the policies and practices of the Information Technology Services organization in providing economic and balanced use of both technological and traditional information facilities and resources;

                      advises and provides guidance on the introduction of new and advanced technologies to assure effective use of technology and improved access to and retrieval of information resources;

                      reviews and assesses faculty needs for technology and makes recommendations;

                      participates in the dissemination of technology policy and best practices to the Faculty; and

                      recommends strategic priorities to the Student Technology Fee Committee to aid in their review of proposals.


BL7.8.1 Membership. 

The membership of the Academic Technology Committee shall be as follows:

a.        One representative from each of the following: Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies, the College of Business and Economics, Huxley College of the Environment, Woodring College of Education, the College of Fine and Performing Arts, and the Library;

b.        Two representatives each from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the College of Sciences and Technology;

c.        The Vice Provost for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer (ex officio, non-voting);

d.        The Director of Academic Technology and User Services (ex officio, non-voting);

e.        The Assistant Director of Academic Technology User Services (ex officio, non-voting);

f.         The Instructional Development and Multimedia Manager (ex officio, non-voting);

g.        The Director of the Center for Instructional Innovation (ex officio, non-voting);

h.        A member of the Information Technology Professionals� Group (ex officio, non-voting);

i.         A student chosen by the Associated Students Board of Directors for a one-year term;

j.         One Faculty Senate member appointed by the Senate for a one-year term. 


ATC members in categories a, b, h, and i (above) are selected by the organizations they represent and ratified by the Faculty Senate during Spring Quarter.  These members serve two-year, renewable, terms (unless otherwise specified) according to a schedule published by the Senate: appointments are staggered so that one half of the membership is appointed each year. 


The committee shall have a Chairperson and a Vice Chairperson who are elected from and by the membership at the first committee meeting of each Fall Quarter.  In the absence of a continuing Chairperson, it is the responsibility of the Vice Chairperson from the previous year to call the first meeting of the Fall Quarter.


BL7.8.2 Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the ATC shall be made up of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and the Vice Provost for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer.  The Executive Committee is responsible for setting the agenda for meetings, and is empowered to cancel meetings if there is not sufficient business.

BL 7.8.3 Meetings

The ATC typically meets on a biweekly basis Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m.  Copies of the minutes of all meetings shall be forwarded to the Faculty Senate for review as soon as possible.

BL 7.8.4 Representatives to Advisory Groups

The ATC will select representatives to the following advisory groups. These representatives will report to the ATC as appropriate.

a.        Two faculty members, one from the ATC and one at-large, to serve on the Administrative Systems Advisory Group.

b.        Two faculty members, one from the ATC and one at-large, to serve on the Technology Infrastructure Advisory Group.

c.        One faculty member from the ATC to serve on the Learning Systems Advisory Group.

d.        One faculty member from the ATC to serve on the Learning Resources Advisory Group.

e.        One faculty member from the ATC to serve on the Learning Student Labs Advisory Group.

f.         One faculty member from the ATC to serve on the Learning Classroom Technology Advisory Group.�

-end of text

Executive Council

Executive Council Motion: Senators passed a motion forwarded from the Executive Council, to approve POL-U1600.01 Requesting an Appointment of Opportunity, which outlines conditions for waiving departmental search requirements under limited and specific conditions.  The policy is formatted in the newly required Peabody format.

Honesty Policy

 Academic Honesty Policy: Senators passed a motion, forwarded from the Academic Coordinating Commission, which amends the Academic Honesty Policy to allow for Deans� participation in the appeal process.  (moved by Matthew Liao-Troth, seconded by Chris Suczek).  The policy will be posted on the online catalog, and the changes are effective immediately. (Attachment)

Legislative Bill

Legislative Bill to include a faculty representative on the Board of Trustees

Motion:  Senators passed a motion which expressed appreciation and support for the idea of a faculty member on the Board of Trustees.  The action followed discussion of a current legislative bill presented by the Council of Faculty Representatives as part of a larger attempt to include faculty on higher education administrative boards.   Moved by David Meyer, seconded by David Fewings.

Appointmets of Opportunity Policy

Appointments of Opportunity Policy � MOTION to approve

Dan Larner made a motion, seconded by Joan Hoffman, and Senators unanimously passed, to amend and accept the Appointments of Opportunity Policy draft which Newcomer will now bring to the Executive Policy Group. 

Straw Vote

Newcomer conducted a straw vote in which a Senate majority suggested retaining the Ombuds position as well as an additional panel of four disinterested faculty who will provide a venue for resolving differences before they require union involvement.  The vote was 6 in favor of an individual Ombuds, and 9 in favor of a panel of five people.  Further discussion indicated the preferred solution is a panel of five people with one person having release time as Ombuds, the other four as �brains�. 

Committee Reviews


The Senate unanimously passed a motion charging its four standing committees to review positive and negative aspects of the draft committee charges it is forwarded to them.  The text is as follows: 

�The Faculty Senate charges its four Standing Committees (Academic Coordinating Commission, University Planning Council, Academic Technology and Senate Library Committees) to review the attached DRAFT charges, to discuss positive and negative aspects, and to formulate written suggestions for improvement.�


Honoring President


Senators applauded after hearing a resolution honoring President Hyman for his service as 2006-2007 Senate President.  The following is the text of the resolution:

 �RESOLUTION Of the Faculty Senate of Western Washington University For the Outstanding Service of Ira Hyman

     �WHEREAS, Ira Hyman has served as Western Washington University�s  Faculty Senate President during the 2006-2007 academic year; and, WHEREAS, Ira Hyman has proven to be an effective and judicious leader,  Who has served the University with dedication, integrity, and humor, And who has shown courage and vision in directing the Senate�s Deliberations on crucial issues throughout the 2006-2007 academic year; and WHEREAS, the members of the Faculty Senate of Western Washington University Are grateful to Ira Hyman for his commitment to shared governance, to Broadening faculty participation in meaningful decision making Throughout the University, and to making the Faculty Senate Of Western Washington University such a force for Effective faculty governance,

     �BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, By the Faculty Senate of Western Washington University, At its regular meeting of May 21, 2007, that Ira Hyman be and hereby is HONORED for his outstanding service as Faculty Senate President from June 20, 2006 to June 25, 2007.�