Motions (from minutes) passed by the Faculty Senate 2008-2009

Matthew Liao-Troth, President








Faculty Senate Policy on Faculty Participation in Senior Administrative Leader Review

    Senators voted to approve policy on faculty participation in Senior Administrative Review without discussion.

text added to handbook

Article III of the Constitution of the Faculty

    Senators voted to add the words �and institutional and administrative effectiveness� to the end of Article III.1 of the Constitution.  The article reads as follows (new text underlined):

Article III.1  The Faculty Senate is empowered to speak and act for the Faculty in University affairs that are not covered by the contract between Western Washington University and the United Faculty of Western Washington with particular responsibility in the areas of curriculum, academic programs, scholarly activities, the education of students, the mission of the University, and institutional and administrative effectiveness.  



Thomas Downing Honored

Senators resolved to honor and thank Thomas Downing (moved by Spencer Anthony-Cahill, seconded by Chris Suczek) for his service on Academic Coordinating Commission for over nine years and most recently as chair of the University Planning Council for the past three years.  Downing helped the UPC in its transition to a new committee.

Senators honored Thomas Downing by expressing appreciation for his long years of service also as member of the Senate Executive Council.


Letter may be drafted


Senators discussed academic freedom issues arising in connection with Michael Pollan�s Omnivore�s Dilemma.  The book had been slotted for reading programs at Santa Barbara and at WSU and then was withdrawn.

Senators passed a MOTION authorizing the Executive Council to investigate and draft an appropriate letter to the concerned universities on behalf of the Senate, with the proviso that the letter and rationale is shared and the Senate will solicit faculty comments before mailing. 




Faculty Handbook:  Appendices -- College Governance Documents

 Senators voted unanimously to incorporate the most up-to-date college and library faculty governance documents as Appendices to the Faculty Handbook.

    Rationale:  It is the intent of the Senate that any changes made in these documents, including those accompanying changes in unit names or structures, or the titles of documents, be automatically incorporated as soon as they are approved by the appropriate University process, without any further formal action by the Senate.





Senators exercised prerogative to elect the Chair of the newly formed University Planning and Resources Council (UPRC), as directed in the charge.  Roger Anderson nominated Jeff Newcomer, seconded by Spencer Anthony-Cahill.  Nominations were closed and Newcomer was unanimously elected Chair by the Senate.  The first meeting of UPRC will take place June 3rd.


Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) Survey -- MOTION TO PARTICIPATE

A motion made by Chris Suczek, seconded by Tracy Coskie, was passed by the Senate to adopt the following four points:  1) that Western will participate in the 2010-2011 HERI survey of faculty satisfaction; 2) that the Senate encourages all faculty participation; 3) that summary results are made available to the faculty; and 4) that the Faculty Senate and administration will review the final reports to make plans for improvement.






Senators viewed an xcel graph prepared in the Senate office that compared last year�s voting returns with 2009.  Coskie reported that the online voting system for the Senate election showed an increased faculty response over the use of paper ballots.  The following faculty were elected to the 2009-2011 Faculty Senate: Spencer Anthony-Cahill, Chemistry; Branko Curgis, Mathematics; David Hartenstine, Mathematics; Chris Suczek, Geology; Mick Cunningham, Sociology; Mike Mana, Psychology; Vicki Hsueh, Political Science; Kristin Denham, English; Daniel Rangel-Guerrero, MC&L; Ryan Wasserman, Philosophy; Michiko Yusa, M&CL; Erin Hazard, Art; Shawn Knabb, Economics; John Feodorov, Fairhaven; Joanne Carney, Elementary Education.

University Planning and Resources Council - MOTION:     In a required second Senate vote, Senators unanimously passed a Motion (moved by Thomas Downing, seconded by Spencer Anthony-Cahill) approving the creation of the University Planning and Resources Council.  Faculty can now be appointed to the committee which will meet for the first time on Wednesday, June 3 in OM340 at 4 pm.  (See text of the new UPRC charge in the minutes of April 6, 2009)


Revised Charge to University Planning and Resources Council


Senators passed a Motion (moved by Bill Lyne, seconded by Spencer Anthony-Cahill), approving the revised charge to the University Planning Council (see text below). Revisions include a change in name to University Planning and Resources Council and the membership has been increased to include faculty representatives from every college and the library as well as the vice presidents. A second vote will take place at the next Senate meeting following publication to the faculty.


�BL7.5        University Planning and Resources Council [formerly Appendix D]

                          The University Planning and Resources Council (UPRC) shall be responsible to the Faculty Senate for the formation and review of policy and procedures in all aspects of University Planning and allocation of resources, with special emphasis on matters of concern to the faculty. The responsibilities of the UPRC shall include: 

1.   Assuring that the council is well-informed about issues regarding planning at the University, as well as its financial operations and financial status.

2.   Regular review of the University Strategic Plan, either on the UPRC's own initiative, or as requested by the President, the Provost, or the Faculty Senate.

3.   Recommendation of priorities to be used in preparing the University's biennial operating and capital budget request, in the allocation of appropriated resources, and in consideration of budget reductions.

4.   Examination of resource implications for major changes in the academic program.  From time to time the Council will review the adequacy of the resources devoted to existing programs.

5.   Participation in the allocation of resources appropriated by the legislature and review of how allocated resources are used at the University.   It is not the role of the UPRC to attempt to direct or control the planning and budgetary process within the colleges and non-academic units, other than to provide broad general priorities.


�BL7.5.1    Membership of the UPRC shall be as follows: 

aThirteen (13) faculty members to include:

           One faculty representative from each of the Colleges and the Library appointed by the respective college or library faculty governance body for two year terms (8);

           two at-large faculty apportioned by the Faculty Senate and appointed by the respective college or library faculty governance body annually (2);

           one faculty elected by and from the ACC annually (1);

           one faculty elected by and from the Faculty Senate annually (1), and

           a Chair appointed by the Faculty Senate for a two year term (1).

b.   the Associated Students Vice President for Academic Affairs, and one student appointed by the Associated Students Board of Directors annually;

c.   one representative of the classified staff appointed annually;

d.   one representative of the Professional Staff Organization appointed annually;

e.   the  Executive Director of University Planning and Budgeting, ex officio, non-voting;

f.   each university vice president or representative, ex officio, voting, including the Vice Presidents of 1) Academic Affairs, 2) Business and Financial Affairs, 3) Student Affairs and Academic Support Services, 4) University Advancement, and 5) University Relations.

University Planning and Resources Council members are appointed Spring Quarter.  The members of the Council will elect a vice chairperson each spring after the appointment of new members to the Council. 

The chair will receive released time of 0.33 FTEF release time, unless changed by the Faculty contract, from other duties to carry out the responsibilities of his/her office. The partial FTEF shall be returned to the UPRC chair's unit. The Provost shall arrange administrative support for the UPRC.


�BL7.5.2      Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the UPRC shall be made up of the chairperson, vice chairperson, the Associated Students Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Provost.  The Executive Committee is responsible for setting the meeting agendas, and is empowered to cancel meetings if there is not sufficient business or call extra meetings if they are necessary to complete business.  The recorder also attends.  


�BL7.5.3      Meetings

The UPRC will meet fortnightly on Wednesday at 4:00 p.m.  Copies of the approved minutes of meetings shall be forwarded to the Faculty Senate for review as soon as possible. � 

--end text

Motion to Approve Faculty Bylaws to the Constitution

A Motion was made by Chris Suczek, seconded by Karen Stout, to approve the revised Bylaws to the Faculty Constitution (Bylaws 7 through 9) which passed unanimously.   

       For the full text of the Faculty Constitution and Senate Bylaws with revisions highlighted, see the Senate website

       Article III of the Constitution will go before the Board of Trustees in April for approval, and the Bylaws will be forwarded to the Board as an information item.

2/23/09 Approved by BOT April  2008
Motion to Approve Revised Constitution

A Motion was made by Bill Lyne, seconded by Chris Suczek, to approve the revised Constitution of the Faculty (Article V) which passed unanimously

       In a comment period just prior to the vote Bill Lyne pointed out that previous grievance hearing panels had been formed after the faculty executive had said yes or no to grievability.  The UFWW�s process is essentially the same except it is faculty members on the union executive who decide on grievability.  UFWW represents faculty beyond the contract, and is legally bound to do so.  The difference now is that the conclusive decision by UFWW panel is a final one and not just a recommendation to the president who previously had final decision.

       Senators noted that by law the Senate�s role no longer includes discussion of the grievance process, and that if we want the UFWW and the administration to create faculty hearing committees or other rulings concerning working conditions UFWW can create it within the bylaws.  The revisions of the constitution bring it in line with the bargaining agreement.

Report from Chair of Senate Library Committee

The Subcommittee�s Empirical Model Summarized

         Regarding the 70% of the acquisitions budget that is divided by academic discipline, the Senate Library Committee�s perception has been that faculty are particularly concerned with the transparency of any allocation model. 

         The model proposed by the subcommittee addresses this issue through a presentation of the quantitative factors used in the final version, and has posted the full version of the model on the library web site .  From the �Resources� column choose �Senate Library Committee Acquisitions Recommendations�. 


MOTION:  A motion was made by Jim Hearne, seconded by Stefanie Buck, to approve POL-U5950 for Student Travel Abroad which the Senate passed. 

A question was raised about departments that host multiple short trips and require approval.  This policy focuses mainly on student travel abroad; future policies may be proposed which address local daily travel to Canada, as well as personal travel for individual faculty.  Senators recognized that this policy does allow a broad one-time approval for a department which hosts multiple short trips during an academic year.  

Motion to Approve Appendices

Senators reviewed a list of documents to be included as Appendices to the revised Faculty Handbook.  A motion was made by Spencer Anthony-Cahill, seconded by Chris Suczek, to approve eight of the documents on the list as Appendices to the Faculty Handbook which Senators approved unanimously.   The documents which will be included as Appendices are as follows:

  1 Constitution of the Faculty and Bylaws of the Faculty Senate
2  WWU Organizational Chart
3  AAUP Statement on Academic Freedom            
4  Code of Faculty Ethics
5  Policy and Guidelines for Misconduct in Research and Scholarship
6  Guidelines for Student Participation on Senate Committees            
7  Requesting an Appointment of Opportunity
8  Research Policies: Animal, Human

 A ninth item involves the Faculty Development Grants committee and may be included in the appendix eventually or placed in another section of the handbook. The Executive Council plans to discuss inclusion of policies from the Office of Sponsored Research which oversees the Faculty Development Grants Committee.


Motion to Approve Procedures for Appointments of Opportunity Policy

     Senators voted to approve the PRO-U1600.01AAppointment of Opportunity Procedures (Moved by Lyne; seconded by Anthony-Cahill).  The Procedures can now be implemented by the EOO office, following further review by Human Resources and the Attorney General.

Motion to Approve Revised Faculty Handbook

     In the required second vote the Senate unanimously approved the revised Faculty Senate Handbook which will be presented to the Board of Trustees in December.

Motion to Approve Revised Faculty Handbook

     Liao-Troth pointed out several minor changes to the revised handbook which were made by the Assistant Attorney General to ensure that the language agreed with State regulations regarding travel policies.

     Then Chris Suczek moved, seconded by Tom Downing, that the Senate adopted the revised Faculty Handbook with the proviso that minor editorial changes can still be made.  The Senate passed the motion unanimously.

Straw Vote Liao-Troth conducted a straw vote whereby Senators chose to continue to receive Senate packets via campus mail.  A PDF file of minutes will also be sent via email. 10/27/08  
Executive Council Action

Liao-Troth reported that at its last meeting the Executive Council voted to suspend the 4-year term limit to allow a standing committee member remain chair for 2008-2009. 

Academic Coordinating Commission Charge Jim Hearne made a motion, seconded by Mick Cunningham, to approve the revised Academic Coordinating Commission charge which was passed by the Senate in the required second vote.  The charge was approved in June, but the section having to do with the appointment or selection of members was revised and has been now voted on twice.   The approved charge will now go to the Board of Trustees in December for final approval.  10/13/08  
Senate Library Committee Charge Jim Hearne made a motion, seconded by Spencer Anthony-Cahill, to approve the Senate Library Committee charge which was passed by the Senate in the required second vote.  The approved charge will now go to the Board of Trustees for final approval. 10/13/08  
Revised Academic Coordinating Commission Charge

One section of the Academic Coordinating Commission charge having to do with the appointment or selection of members has been revised several times, and appeared before the Senate as follows: 

Faculty members are appointed Spring Quarter and are seated at the last ACC meeting of Spring Quarter.  ACC members in categories a, b, and c (above) are selected by the curriculum committees of the organizations they represent appointed for two-year terms and ratified by the Faculty Senate.  The At-Large representative and two voting Faculty Senators are appointed by the Senate for two-year and one-year terms respectively.  The student Vice President for Academic Affairs is elected by the Associated Students, and three additional students are appointed by the Associated Students� Board of Directors. 


Members spoke for and against this revision, which indicates a return to the original style of appointing Commissioners in a previous version of the charge.  Chris Suczek made a motion to approve the revision, seconded by Spencer Anthony-Cahill, and Chris Friday called the question.  The motion passedThe revision will come back to the Senate at its next meeting for a second vote.


Revised Senate Library Committee Charge -- Tabled   9/29/08  
Resolution Honoring Jeff Newcomer

Senators resolved to thank and acknowledge with appreciation the service of Jeff Newcomer as Senate President in 2007-08.  The text of the resolution follows. 

RESOLUTION Of the Faculty Senate of Western Washington University For the Outstanding Service of Jeff Newcomer :

WHEREAS, Jeff Newcomer has served as Western Washington University�s  Faculty Senate President during the 2007-2008 academic year; and, WHEREAS, Jeff Newcomer has proven to be an effective and judicious leader, Who has served the University with dedication, integrity, and humor, And who has shown courage and vision in directing the Senate�s Deliberations on crucial issues throughout the 2007-2008 academic year; and


WHEREAS, the members of the Faculty Senate of Western Washington University Are grateful to Jeff Newcomer for his commitment to shared governance, to Broadening faculty participation in meaningful decision making Throughout the University, and to making the Faculty Senate Of Western Washington University such a force for Effective faculty governance,


BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, By the Faculty Senate of Western Washington University,

At its regular meeting of June 2, 2008, that Jeff Newcomer be and hereby is HONORED for his outstanding service as Faculty Senate President from June 26, 2007 to June 23, 2008.