Motions (from minutes) passed by the Faculty Senate 2012-2013

Karen Stout, (2d term as Senate President)





Follow-Up Action

Expansion Grad Council; chair must be faculty Senate approves Executive Council Action (from this summer).  The Senate voted to unanimously approve the following action of the Executive council:  Temporary expansion of Graduate Council membership (with graduate faculty only) in order to undertake large number of graduate program reviews this AY.  The developing plan hopes to create subgroups with senior Grad Council members mentoring temporary members in order to complete the unusually high number of reviews



NTT compenssation for service

At lg for PPres

By MOTION (moved by Auerbach, second by Henson) an amendment was made to the appointment of Chris Patton as follows:  “The Senate moves that Chris Patton be appointed conditionally to ensure that he is compensated as NTT for his service as so stipulated in the CBA,” which passed.

By MOTION (moved by Auerbach, second by Saunders) Senators approved the appointment of Jason Kanov, Management, as an interim At-Large (non-voting) member of the Senate Executive Council.

AHP sent to ACC

Executive Council Action endorsed. The Faculty Senate made a Motion  (moved by Caplan-Auerbach, seconded by Hirsch) to endorse the action taken by the Executive Council to send the current (revised) Academic Honesty Policy back to the ACC for discussion/approval.  Motion passed.   A more completely revised policy is still under consideration for next year.


Ad Hoc


Integrity Advisory Group.  Senators discussed the development of an ad hoc committee to encourage a culture of integrity at Western to encourage campus discourse regarding issues of integrity.  Following the discussion, the Senate made a Motion (moved by Wayne, seconded by Hirsch) to create an advisory group to explore relevant literature and what other universities and academic communities have done to foster a culture of integrity, and to make recommendations to the Senate at the end of winter quarter 2013.  Motion passed.  The membership is as yet undetermined, but plans are to include faculty, staff, students and administration.



prior to vote

RN to BSN: Mary Baroni, Interim Nursing Director, Jill Mount, RN, Ph.D., Human Services; and Beth Boland, Chair, Human Services and Rehabilitation attended to respond to questions about the proposed Nursing program.  ACC Chair Yvonne Durham and Vice Provost Steven VanderStaay also responded to concerns: 


RN to BSN Vote of approval

Motion to approve RN to BSNPresident Stout held a vote by hand count to accept the ACC minutes of 1/8/2013 which passed.  The vote conveys Senate approval of ACC decisions communicated in the ACC meeting minutes, which include acceptance of the Nursing Program and its curriculum.  

Occam's Razor, a publication for fine academic works from undergraduates presented to Senate. CANVAS - the pilot of a proposed replacement for Blackboard (Bb) was discussed

Add EE member to ATC

MOTION:  Revision to Faculty Handbook, Constitution BL 7.6.1:  Senators conducted a first vote to approve an addition to the membership of the Academic Technology committee as follows:  “k. One representative from Extended Education (non-voting)”, which passed.  A second vote will follow at the next Senate meeting following publication to the faculty.

ATC transition from BB to Canvas

MOTIONATC Plan of Transition from BB to Canvas
Senators accepted the Minutes from the ATC February 13, 2013 meeting, which included the following Motion“Full access to Blackboard to be maintained through the end of summer quarter (2013).  Beginning fall quarter (2013), the default Learning Management System (LMS) will be Canvas; afterwards, limited access to BB will be maintained for a full year through an archive in order to aid the transition to Canvas.  Faculty are encouraged to switch to canvas immediately.”

2d vote on EE member to ATC

Revision to Faculty Handbook, Constitution BL 7.6.1, ATC Membership 
Senators conducted a second vote and approved an addition to the membership of the Academic Technology committee as follows:  “k. One representative from Extended Education (non-voting)”.

UPRC at large members allotted

Executive Council Motion:  Regarding BL 7.4.1.B :The Executive Council proposed to allot the two at-large faculty positions of the 2013-2014 UPRC to CHSS and CST, which motion came moved and seconded.  The Senate concurred without discussion and the motion passed.

UPRC membership:  BL 7.4.1.B: Two at-large faculty apportioned by the Faculty Senate and appointed by the respective college or library faculty governance body annually (2)”
NTT Service on Senate and std ctes

Motion regarding NTT service on the Senate

The Senate passed a motion (moved by Wallin, seconded by Currier) to ensure that NTT faculty without service compensation in their contracts will be compensated for service work if they are elected to or appointed by the Senate to serve on the Senate or its Standing Committees.  President Shepard warned that tenure should be protected and steps to pay NTT faculty piecemeal for tasks traditionally completed by tenured faculty could erode the strength of tenure.  Provost Riordan plans to shift $5000 to the Senate budget to compensate NTT for service to the Senate or its Standing Committees.  Decisions to compensate specific NTT faculty will be the purview of the Senate and its Executive Council.  Some suggestions were made about fine-tuning the language of the motion, which President Stout will make and share with the Senate at the next meeting. Text of the motion follow:

The Senate welcomes participation from all Faculty Members on it and its Standing Committees, but recognizes the authority of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which limits Non-Tenure Track faculty from participating in service activities unless specified in their contracts. As a result, many NTT Faculty Members may be barred from participating on the Senate and its Standing Committees.
To ensure that all Faculty have a voice in concerns addressed by the Senate, any Non-Tenure Track Faculty Members (.5 FTE or above) with provisions in their contracts to be compensated for service work or who can demonstrate that an upcoming contract will contain such a provision are welcome to run and be elected to the Senate.
Non-Tenure Track Faculty Members without such provisions in their contracts can be elected or appointed (by the Senate) to serve on the Senate or its primary Standing Committees (ACC, UPRC, ATC, SLC) and be compensated from a fund of $5000/year (maximum).
Each NTT Faculty Member will earn $1000 per academic year (AY) for service to the Senate or its Standing Committees, which includes any additional Senate committee appointments, including ad hoc committees or “at large” appointments. NTT who are committed to a 2 year position on the Senate or its Standing Committees will be prioritized for compensation from this fund in the following year, as determined by the Senate Executive Council.
This fund is shared across the Senate and its Standing Committees. Once the fund has been depleted for the AY, additional NTT cannot be elected or appointed unless they can ensure proper compensation. Any money remaining from one AY can carry over to the next AY. The Senate President and Executive Council will be responsible for the management of this fund.
If a College appoints a Non-Tenure Track Faculty Member to a Standing Committee of the Senate or the College’s Faculty Governance Structure, the Faculty Member must be compensated, just not from the fund established by the Senate.