Motions and Recommendations passed by the

Committee on Undergraduate Education 2011-12

(from Minutes) 

Matt Miller and Carmen Werder, Co-Chairs








CUE membership

Motion: CUE passed a motion (moved by Sapin and seconded) to formalize the naming of John Purdie, Residence Life Assoc. Director, as a non-voting member of CUE.

no record of approval
E-form Revision

CUE members made revisions to the revision/cancellation e-form.

Motion: CUE passed a motion (moved by Emily Borda and seconded) to approve the GUR Revision/Cancellation E-form with the incorporated changes.

no record of approval
CCOM revisions

Motion: Chris Friday moved to retain Eng 101 and drop 30 credits as a prerequisite for CCOM courses, to reinstate criteria for GUR CCOM courses into the ACC handbook, and to include the following text in the catalog: "a second writing course belongs in CCOM with ENG 101 as a prerequisite."

Writing Proficiency Catalog Language

CUE members discussed the Writing Proficiency (WP) requirement. Currently there is no formal approval process for upper-division WP courses and there may be a lack of clarity on the difference between WP1, WP2, and WP3 courses. CUE members considered the creation of a systematic model for the WP requirement that would clearly define expectations for each of the WP levels and would articulate the role of ENG 101 and what "revision entails".

CUE passed a motion (moved by Emily Borda and seconded) to revise the catalog language for the Writing Proficiency Requirement for clarification purposes and to forward to ACC for approval. The motion includes a request that ACC send a separate memo to department chairs when the language is revised finally, and not simply to include the revision in minutes. This action will be followed by a broader review of the WP requirement. Highlighted material below is new:

Upper-Division Writing Proficiency Requirement

Upper-dividion writing proficiency requirment complete a minimum of three writing proficiency points in designated upper-division Writing Proficiency courses at WWU with a minimum grade of C-. Students must complete Block A of the Communication GUR requirement before enrolling in a Writing Proficiency Course. All Western Writing Proficiency courses should follow these University-wide guidelines:

  • students have opportunities to write multiple drafts of assigned papers
  • students receive suggestions for revision; and
  • instructors assign course grades based on assigned writings according to the writing proficiency points table below

Upper-division writing proficiency courses emphasize research and writing. In writing proficiency courses, students learn the writing style and conventions of their disciplines, as well as the techniques for integrating evidence into schlarly papers. Writing proficiency courses are listed in the online Timetable of Classes.

Writing Proficiency Points Fulfilling the Upper-division Writing Proficiency Requirements (Minimus 3 points required)
Credit Hours of course
% of Grade Based on Writing Assignments

WP1 (1 pt)

1 Credit 75%
2 Credits 50%
3 Credits 25%
4 Credits 20 % (18.75%)
5 Credits 15%
WP2 (2 pts) 2 Credit 75%
3 Credits 50%
4 Credits 40% (37.5 %)
5 Credits 30%
WP3 (3 pts) 3 Credits 75%
4 Credits 55%
5 Credits 45%

Students unable to enroll in designated WP courses may be able to satisfy the requirement, with faculty endorsement, by submitting an "Alternative Writing Proficiency Course Agreement" through the Writing Instruction Support Program."


Resolution Thanking Rose Marie

After informally thanking Rose Marie for her dedication, a resolution was passed honoring Rose Marie for outstanding dedication of time and effort in promoting CUE and enhancing the GURs. Members applauded.

Approval of Upper-Division Temporary Course

CUE members discussed approving CSD 497h for GUR status. Committee members voiced reservations about approving a temporary course for GUR status, but decided to approve GUR status for CSD 497h given that it did not have any prerequisites and there is a need for more upper-division GUR courses. Furthermore, it is likely that this course will become a permanent course in future.

Motion: CSD 497h approved as GUR (SSC) unanimously

Nomination of Co-Chairs

Matt Miller and Carmen Werder were thanked for their contribution to CUE.

Motion: Chris Friday moved to continue the co-chair leadership structure. Troy Abel seconded. All approved.

Chris suggested that the terms of co-chairs should be staggered for continuity, and that the co-chairs should be nominated now and elected at the first fall meeting.

Motion: Troy Abel nominated Emily Borda as co-chair (seconded). Anu Singh-Cundy nominated Carmen as co-chair (seconded). CUE moved to approve the nominations.